Riot in Washington DC

Amazing and scary scenes in Washington, as a pro-Trump mob storms the Capital building while Congress certified the Electoral College vote for President. Probably an inevitable development, given Trump’s ongoing claims of being robbed, but worrying nevertheless.

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Didn’t Trump urge his supporters to march on Capitol Hill…? Unbelievable if true…!


Good on em.

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Yeah - great example of democracy by the leaders of the free world.

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I didn’t see you come and complain when they were actually rioting and killing people in the name of BLM and ANTIFA.

The fact that 50 different law changes happened that were all unconstitutional in changing electoral laws across the country shows that democarcy was dead well before today.

Your mates in the media and Big tech killed democracy mate.


Democrats now control the senate.

Two new leftist radicals now sit on the Senate.

All things must come to an end and now we will see a virtual one party state in the US as the Dems with the backing of media and Big tech will totally fuck that country and give China a saloon passage to World supremacy.

All great empires fall from within. The US will be no different.


Careful Liver, I posted something similar with a supporting article that managed to get deleted within 30 seconds.
I finished by saying that the USA is full of idiots on both sides to show I was not being 1 sided.
Still deleted.


The Georgia senate election results is proof Trump lost the election fairly.

You say law changes were unconstitutional but the courts said they weren’t. Who to believe?

Anyway there weren’t 50 law changes and the cases of fraud that were investigated all went against Trump supporters.


1 million mail in ballots.

Errr I don’t think so mate.


The courts said they were valid. Isn’t Trump’s mantra - I am the president of law and order.

Regarding an earlier post by you about riots where there were killings: you do know the killings were done by Trump supporters, not BLM, don’t you?


Their was a huge collaboration with the goal of fucking Trump off.

Job done. The courts were never going to do anything.

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You do know Australia has managed postal ballot for decades? There is nothing inherently fraudulent about them, unless you think that some people simply shouldn’t vote at all.


Your love and respect for democracy is touching.


Yeah I forgot Clive.

BLM and ANTIFA are peaceful.

FMD deadset NFI.

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Trump is like Hitler. Never did I think I’d see a President call for his white supremist mob to gather and Storm the White House urged on by his inflammatory lies especially in the midst of a grave pandemic.
He is a threat to democracy and any form of decency.


Really? You believe that?

Anyone supporting Trump calls to march on capital hill inciting anarchy really need to review what they see as democracy and appropriate behaviour from a sitting president.

How can ZERO evidence of fraud be so easily dismissed still? Besides Trumps Twitter rambling there is ZERO evidence and then the conspiracy that would have to involve so many layers it would be impossible to enact.

Come on…


Hmmm, I don’t seem to recall BLM protesters invading the Capital building, heavily armed and requiring elected representatives (of all stripes) to hide in their offices. I will note that protesting is a democratic right - but trying to close down an elected parliament is inherently fascist. Good to know which side you are on.


I’m not going to get into an argument with you George.

The election was highly dubious in many ways from Big tech blocking anyone that mentioned Hunter Biden until after the election and mass mail in voting without signature verification.

You have your opinion mate I have mine.

How does Twitter Facebook CNN, MSNBC, treat it George.

Its remarkable more people weren’t hurt as law enforcement protected the government and building.

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