Reggie Rabbit Good Friday incident

Weidler is reporting that Stadium Australia and the NRL are looking into an incident where Reggie Rabbit was roughed up by fans at the Good Friday game. Hope Charlie is ok


Hope he is ok. He is a legend.


No surprise that it would occur when playing against one of, if not the grubbiest fan base in the comp.


Rabbits21 probably blamed him for the Reynolds situation.


against the bulldogs with there nice and respectful fan base … im shocked :stuck_out_tongue:




Masked or not, he’s a devoted Rabbitoh

Even after a personal tragedy, club stalwart Charlie Gallico took to the field for Souths, writes Michael Chammas.

By Michael Chammas

September 27, 2013 — 3.00am

He is South Sydney’s unofficial 18th man - the heart and soul of a club built on a proud history.

But Reggie the Rabbit’s contribution to South Sydney is insignificant compared with what the man behind the mask - Charlie Gallico - has done for the club.

Family favourite: Reggie the Rabbit.

Family favourite: Reggie the Rabbit.Credit:Brendan Esposito

He is faceless to the fans, but not to those at South Sydney, who hold the pint-sized 70-year-old dear to their hearts.

You would be hard-pressed trying to find someone who would gain greater pleasure in a South Sydney premiership than Gallico, who has been involved with the club for the past 33 years.

Passion: Charlie Gallico has been appearing as Reggie since 2002.

Passion: Charlie Gallico has been appearing as Reggie since 2002.Credit:Adam Hollingworth

But earlier this year, while he was having dinner with the Rabbitohs players after a Monday night game against Cronulla, he received a phone call that turned his world upside down.

His wife Sofia, who has been in the stands for every South Sydney home game in his 12 years as Reggie, had taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Gallico later lost his long-time partner, but Reggie still found the strength to lead his beloved South Sydney into battle against Newcastle a few nights later.

Coach Michael Maguire asked Gallico to address the players in the sheds after the victory, but what preceded his heartfelt talk with the players was a gesture that will live with Gallico and his family for the rest of their lives.

Adam Reynolds and Issac Luke chair Reggie from the field.

Adam Reynolds and Issac Luke chair Reggie from the field.

‘‘I didn’t expect Issac Luke and Adam Reynolds to come up to me and carry me off the field with the team,’’ Gallico said. ''I was crying inside the suit. That’s when I knew what respect was all about. To me it meant more than anything in the world. I watched these guys as kids, but now they were carrying me from the field.

‘‘My wife would’ve loved the fact I still went out that night. It wasn’t easy on me but she loved South Sydney. The boys won for me that night. That was the highlight of my time as Reggie.’’

Souths chief executive Shane Richardson, who was tearful as he watched Gallico carried from ANZ Stadium, said he was proud of the way the club rallied behind one of its own.

Reggie the Rabbit isn’t your ordinary mascot. He’s the only mascot in the NRL who does not get paid. He has not missed a home or away game since taking on his duties when the Rabbitohs re-entered the competition in 2002.

A panel beater and mechanic by day, Gallico bleeds red and green.

But perhaps the greatest reflection of his love for the club is the charity work and voluntary hospital visits he makes to bring a smile to sick children. ‘‘To see the smile on their face, money can’t buy that,’’ Gallico said. ‘‘I travel to Nepean Hospital and Newcastle, and do things for Make a Wish Foundation. Reggie is their pride and joy.’’

At Sofia’s funeral, Rabbitohs forwards Sam Burgess and Jason Clark - who has known Gallico since he was a teenager - were asked to carry the coffin.

‘‘They begged us to do it,’’ Clark said.

‘‘For the family to ask us to do it shows just how much South Sydney means to them.’’

Gallico has no plans to call it quits and pass the baton on to a younger Reggie. He plans to continue rolling around ANZ Stadium until he is physically incapable of doing so.

‘‘My ending will be with this football club,’’ he said.

Masked or not, he's a devoted Rabbitoh

How many Reggie Rabbit mascots have Souths had and what are their names?




Drive past him all the time out the front of his place, always in bunnies attire :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:



NRL investigating after South Sydney mascot Reggie the Rabbit roughed up by fans
By Ben Glover
6 minutes ago

Video: Reggie the Rabbit as he’s getting roughed up by fans. (Nine)

The NRL and Stadium Australia have launched an investigation into abhorrent fan behaviour after the Good Friday clash between the Rabbitohs and the Bulldogs, with South Sydney mascot Reggie the Rabbit at the centre of the inquiry.

As is customary after games, the Rabbitohs’ famous mascot was greeting fans following South Sydney’s 38-0 thrashing of the Bulldogs but things turned sour when one group of fans was approached.

In an interaction that was captured on video and shared with Wide World of Sports by incensed Rabbitohs fans, Reggie is roughed up and abused.

The witness told Wide World of Sports that the mascot was pushed over during the exchange.

While the video also captures some warmer moments with the mascot, including an embrace from two fans when Reggie first approaches, there is clear audio of another fan yelling ‘Punch him again, punch him again,.’ Reggie is then shoved backwards to the sound of raucous laughter.

Nine News reporter Danny Weidler contacted the Rabbitohs after being shown the footage and was told the NRL and Stadium Australia were investigating the incident.

It is not clear what action would be taken against the culprits if they are identified during the course of the investigation.

South Sydney mascot Reggie the Rabbit rough treatment video, Bulldogs fans Good Friday

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Rubbish people, as if you would touch a mascot.
Fuck it would have been great if Reggie punched them back


I’m shocked to hear this. Reggie is the most loved mascot of all children, not just Rabbitohs children. Charlie is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and to see this really sickens me. What kind of people do this? We only commented at the game how we once would not go to Bulldogs games because of some of their supporters, how wrong we were. I hope the Bulldogs address this outrageous behavior and the Bunnies lodge a complaint with the NRL.


Absolutely not acceptable. How do people think this behavior is ok?

The pricks uploaded it to social media as well. Seriously, you have to be a massive fucking loser for this to be a ‘highlight’ to share. They looked like complete fuckwits.


Reggie video at the end of this video

Bulldogs supporters ! Say no more. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Charlie,Chuck will find these cunts and fuck when I do it won’t be pretty!


If they uploaded it do you know to which platform? Would this help to identify them?