Random Souths Gal?

Looks like a bunny flag here, in pride of place :slight_smile: and doing a lap of the SCG.


Souths Bunny on the flag in the front of the NRL group. (Ignore Roosters Mascot).

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Kinda hard to ignore that disgusting obscenity :wink:


I was expecting a drunken Paul Gallen resplendent in random Rabbitohs regalia.

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I think he just turned up a week early. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, but all the same. Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are Roosters fans and they’re basically normal people like anybody else.

Each to their own, live & let live say I and it’s not for me to judge but I just wish they’d keep their fandom behind closed doors in their living rooms or mancaves, instead of shoving it in our faces and expecting the rest of us NRL fans to tolerate their lifestyle choices :wink:


Thanks Lurker, just copied and sent that to a really good mate of mine who is unfortunately a Rooster. Cant wait for his response.

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Thats witty Lurker :grin: