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RABBITOHS - How will Bennett fit Cameron Murray and Jai Arrow in his starting side?

Rabbitohs recruit Jai Arrow is in no danger of keeping Cameron Murray out of the starting side, but both players’ best position is No.13.

Bennett tried to shift Murray to an edge at stages last year and put Liam Knight at lock, but the tactic was not a success and blunted Murray’s game.

Queensland enforcer Arrow has been training at both lock and prop in the pre-season and could handle a role on the edge at times as well.

Most likely Murray will start games at lock with Arrow either on the bench or at prop and Bennett will rotate his big men up front throughout the game.

However, that tactic moves Origin stars Arrow and Murray out of their preferred position of No.13 and that is where they make the biggest impact.

Murray needs to play lock as much as possible so he can combine with Damien Cook and halves Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker and act as another floating ball-player.

Shifting Murray to the edge just increased his defensive workload last year and blunted his attacking prowess, especially in the preliminary final against the Panthers.

Bennett needs to get the balance between rotating his players and keeping his best players in their preferred positions right if they are to make it all the way to an elusive first grand final since 2014.


Pretty spot on.

Murray has to play lock - when moved it just didn’t work.

Will be interesting to see how Bennett plays this one.

It’s a good problem to have.


I think they will rotate the position.

Who is the other starting 2nd row, Sua & who?
Arrow to an edge or else he starts from the bench.

I think this is way off, of course Murray didn’t shine on the edge he didn’t train there and develop combos long enough. They didn’t even touch on the fact that Knight couldn’t handle the lock role which is why Murray shifted back there it had nothing to do with Murray being powerless on an edge.

Murray literally said himself in an interview that he was destined to play second row but with the roster we had it couldn’t be done and it was best for the team that he stayed in the middle. Playing edge will decrease his defensive work it won’t be as physical as the middle.

We all love Murray and his ability but we saw him have a down year last year in terms of attack and i think that’s largely put down to his defensive workload in the middle. Arrow is bigger than Murray he’s a lot thicker and can handle the contact a little better around the ruck plus he ball plays as well and has some leg speed about him.

By no means am i giving Murray shit he’s a gun lock but just like this year i think it’ll come down to what compliments the team the best. Tatola is a starter so is Arrow we didn’t pay 700+k for a bench player the vision has always been to play Murray edge and Arrow lock.

We don’t have a left edge rower at the moment who’s capable of big minutes. Koala can play there but even then he prefers the right. If Murray doesn’t pack down at left edge come round 1 i’ll be extremely surprised given what i’ve heard from Cam himself, he’ll pack down there and shift to lock around the 25-30 minute mark depending how the games going and either Arrow subs off or goes to prop for Tatola or Tom with Host or Jed coming into the back row, this article has left out so many variables that make much more sense than rotating Arrow for Murray.

Edit - didn’t mean to reply to you @GItheking reply was directed at the article


Well it was Sirro and before him Lowe. Is there anyone who may play 80 mins?

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I’d assume Host? then, Cartwright, Arrow, Murray and maybe Knight?
Although all of them are considered middle players, they could easily take that position if given their opportunity.

Actually, we look a little light on with depth of specialists with 2nd Rowers

I’m in the Arrow = middle and Murray= edge camp…at least as their starting/ primary positions. From what I’ve seen Murray has a tad more ball carrying prowess and footwork at the line. Arrow can punch out big minutes in the middle but does he have the versatility in his game to play an edge ?. For mine Arrow starts at 13 and at some point is rotated with Murray to share the heavy work in the middle.
I actually think that both Murray and Cook will be the prime beneficiaries of the Arrow recruitment as both take a fair bit of defensive punishment over the long minutes they put in.
It’s going to be very interesting to see how Wayne manages this situation.


Murray is a brilliant edge player, our best attacking play at the end of the season was Cam running the decoy for Reyno to hit Cody coming from behind the ruck to slice through on the outside… We used it a handful of times and every single time the line ran by Cam was varied and totally engaged the defence.

His skill on the edge, along with Cody, Latrell and AJ will rip teams to shreds.

The reason why Cam didn’t work as well on the edge in 2020, was because early we didn’t have another genuine lock. Now we do.

As you say Gazman, Arrow won’t play 80 so it will allow Cam to move into the middle only against tiring packs for an additional point of attack.


Interested to see how Bennett will lift Souths from a Top 4 finish to a grand final victory

His style just doesnt seem to have a steel about it when it matters

Bennett coaches the team to play what they see. I think that’s inherently less consistent than playing with structure, but it makes opposition game plans less effective.

Ultimately, I think the steel of a Bennett coached side comes from it’s spine and senior players.

It’s down to Reyno, Cody, Cook and Latrell to stay switched on and play their best when it matters.

It’s taken time for them to adjust, but you really felt them hitting their straps in the end, didn’t you?

If that development continues from where it left off we’ll be well placed come seasons end.

Bennett leaves it up to his players, I think our players are ready.


I think both Arrow and Murray play their best football in the centre of the park. Arrow loves the tough stuff and takes plenty of hit ups. Murray has that variety in his game, quick play the balls, great defence and with a huge engine.

I would not select either of them on an edge. Neither would be as effective out wider.

I reckon Arrow as a starting prop, Murray is the best 13 in the game - keep him there.

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Jed is an 80 minute player. Host questionable on fitness because of his size but would be good at least 60. I wouldn’t be surprised if Milne features in the back row as well. Played a bit of second row at the warriors and very much looked at home because he is an aggressive type player and easily plays 80 minutes. Young Brock Gardner aka Jai Arrow junior is an 80 minute player to. He is a really good young player.

I feel Murray will start on the edge and move into the middle in the later stages of the halves for quick play the balls. Arrow will start at lock and do allot of the engine work in the middle and I think will play around 60 minutes. Can easily play 80 as he is super fit but I feel he will be doing allot of work in the middle in attack and defence which will be his role in the side which will zap allot of energy similar to what happen with Murray.


That’s exactly how I see it playing out.

Have you seen much of him mate? He’s one of our up and comers that I’ve got no idea about really.

Imo Murray does his best work in the middle when he’s fresh… so I’d like Murray to start in the 13, playing his usual 30min first stint and getting a rest, coming on at lock for the final 30min of second half.

That means Arrow to start on the bench, then come on at prop for either tom or Tatola at the 20-25 min mark. He can make a real impact on the game going hard in the middle for the remaining minutes of the first half, shifting to lock when Murray comes off for a rest at 30 min mark.

Second half Arrow will start at lock, moving to prop once again when Murray comes on at 50min mark. I reckon Arrow could play the whole second half in the middle, otherwise give him a break for the final 5 mins of the game when we have the result wrapped up.

This way both Arrow and Murray are on the field for the most game time in the middle, about 60min each, providing most impact.

Yeah enough to know he has got the goods. Reminds me allot of Jaydn Su’A in the way he plays and moves around the field.

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Another kid who apparently has impressed in the offseason is Davvy Moale. Apparently, this kid for his size is a real athlete. Whilst I don’t think he will play first grade next year but apparently he is a real hard worker and just keeps growing so I think he will get promoted the year after.

We got some pretty good strike power coming through the junior ranks.

  • Tallis Duncan
  • Davvy Moale
  • Terrell Kalokalo

All three of these fellas will eventually play first grade and are stars in the making. All sign to 3 year deals with the club.


I have big wraps on Moale and Kalokalo, they’ll be first graders in 2022… Bloody good ones.

I liked what I’ve seen from Tallis Duncan also.

Including the young first graders in our side, this is the best young squad we’ve had since readmission at least. If we keep the bulk of it together we’ll dominate most of the decade.

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