Push to Reward League Nurseries - Salary Cap Relief for Clubs that Develop Stars


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Why isnt Reynolds on the 25% list ?

Sounds like rewarding Roosters for stealing more of our players at 16-17

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Because it is players who come though the system and under 25. So it is about on going player development and getting cap relief if a player leaves if you have spent money developing them. That is my understanding of the system.

Then it should only reward players 25% if they remain with Matts Ball and Flegg and local junior club in district

And not reward poaching at 18 or 20

So no 15% or 10% option in my books

Development contract 2y 10% savings address these players

Clubs can link with a extra single district as which can classify as a local district

But must play a trial & 1 NRL match in that regional district every year

Eg Easts have linked with Bears so cannot also link with the CC

While Wests-Tigers have Balmain & Wests districts

And St Merge have St George & Illawarra

Been saying this for ages. The NRL are hopeless at developing grass roots footy

There should be 2 years of standard rookie contracts of $100,000 max. This is more then suitable. So many people never earn that annually let alone people as young at 18.

Then one club player incentive on cap of player contract value. Would have to be a junior moving into first grade.
Yr 6: 10%
Yr 7: 20%
Yr 8: 30%
Yr 9: 40%
Yr 10+ : 50%

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I would like to see more of the club producing it’s juniors and having them, stay with the club for a longer time.

The proposed system is flawed, it is will only increase poaching of junior development, not rewarding clubs in developing players and retaining them.

The conditions I would impose are the following:

1/ The player must be registered within their respective designated junior development area that they live at the time they turn 15.

2/ You have played in at least 2 grades on the same junior development club of either Harold Mathews, SG Ball and Jersey Flegg (or equivalent competitons).

3/ Must have played for the Reserve Grade team of the developing club.

4/ Played in first grade of developing club which becomes the known as (Year 1).

5/ Initial 5% cap concession of players contract payments start at either Year 6 of their playing for their development club, with at least 100 games FG games for the club (if player does reaches their 100 FG games in their 8th year, then this will be their start year).

6/ Additional 5% cap concession per each year after when the player until they reaches 30% concession (thus making it the their 11th year in FG).

7/ If a player has passed all the eligibility criteria for the club’s development concessions, but that player signs with another club before the development club receives any concessions,

a) the development club may request a compensation percentage (or amount) from the new player’s club(s) no larger than 5% of the player’s contract value with that club (incl guaranteed TPA’s by that club) for the next 5 years, that compensation payment will not be loaded onto the new club(s) salary cap in their respective years.

b) if the developing club does not request a compensation payment for that player, then a deemed percentage of the player’s contract will be loaded onto the purchasing club’s salary cap for the next five years they play for that club, will be as follows:

30% for 1 year,
25% for 2 years,
20% for 3 years,
15% for 4 years,
10% for 5 years

However, if a player originally signs a 2 year deal, then signs a 3 year deal with the same club thereafter, that the percentage rate will then reflect the total period that the player has played for that club, eg the club will only be penalised for 10% for the entire year period contract, not 25% for the first 2 years, and then another 20% for the next 3 years. If a player signed with a third club after his contract period with the second club has been served, this deemed percentage will not be transferred to any other club thereafter.

8/ If a club receives any salary cap concession for junior development for at least 2 years, but the player leaves that club, then the developing club cannot be compensated by the player’s new club. If the development club has received less than 2 years salary cap relieve, then the club may apply the salary cap concession they would have received for the amount left on that player’s contract and against the salary cap in that year.

9/ If a player does not meet the criteria to be classed as a junior development player, then no compensation or penalisation will be applied to any teams that he plays for. They will be termed as a “non binding” player.

These conditions will allow development clubs to either be rewarded for keeping their junior players, but also compensated for players that they have developed but had not received any salary cap concession for developing that player. Note that it is for 5 years and regardless which club they play for the next 5 years. So if a player signed with another club for say 2 years with one club, than another club for 2 years and a third club thereafter, the developing club will receive compensation from each of the 3 clubs based on their contract value at each o f those clubs. The contract amount will be based on the average amount per year of the contract.

Also it disincentivizes clubs for poaching players at any stage if they are junior development players, whether they either have to pay a compensation to a developing club or by having their salary cap restricted somewhat.

So if you have a player lets say, came from the bush without having played in a junior development league, than they will classed as “non-binding” players. There will be fair proportion of these players in the game, whereas there are less amounts of junior development players, as each club can only have set amount of players anyways.

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Any option that allows a player to join a 18 just suits Easts

They are poaching at 17-18

Just look at the Butcher boys

Clearly not Easts juniors yet they get benefits

There’s no reward for producing kids from an early age that then get poached at 14,15,16,17 and 18 to become a junior at the new club.
How many local juniors have the Storm had? There is no need when you fleece the best talent from everywhere else.

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