Many punters on here?
What have been some of your best wins or worst bad beats?

The worst bad beats I’ve witnessed are my friends’ divorces, bankruptcy, nervous breakdowns and homelessness.

I’m not a fan of punting if you haven’t guessed.


Went to Canterbury one day and as I was running late and could not get a park I drove into a servo and asked the guy if I could park there , he replied if I wanted to get the car serviced I could park it there which I did.
Bad day punt wise coming to the last and my selection won and duly weighed in 2 lb light and after calling for the bridle was still a pound light.
Had enough for a bus fare but not to pay for the service and came back the next day to retrieve my car A 1946 Chev

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My cousin Gerry Campbell thru himself under a train, he was an alcoholic (like me and most of my Scottish family) and he was a gambling addict who owed alot of money to people and just couldn’t pay up and found his escape


So sad that.
And the main key to punting is to bet within your means but lot of fleabag bookies do not care whether you do that or not.
I previously mentioned I had 2 relations do time over there lack of control when punting.

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I won $75,000 US in Vegas on the patriots v eagles Super Bowl when I picked Nick Foles as MVP which I figured was essentially the same as backing the eagles to win.

Proceeded to lose $20k of it at a blackjack table in roughly 3.2 seconds immediately after and booked a flight back to Seattle the next hour before I arrived home with zilch.

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1980 Melbourne cup… was having a schooner or 10 in the Old Northies saloon bar and on the balcony, yep I am an old Cronulla boy. My great mate Wazza comes to me at the end of the race and says to me "You beautie I just backed the 1st three. I said what the trifect and he said no I have them all each way, Belldale Ball, My Blue Denin and Love Bandit. My reply "seriously you didn’t take the trifecta. It paid $17,000.


Biggest win:

That is the wife and I with the Doomben 10,000 trophy. Winners are ginners. That was a huge day. We were clapped out of the members stand that day.


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The post’s sound lifelike.

Good to see you put the money back into circulation.

Buddy if you need a few quid to cover the electricity bill I’m happy to help out, seems you get dressed in the dark. It need not be that way old fella.

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My wife and I got to hold the cup won by Arwon in 1978 we had a few bob on it lol. Just friends of the owners. :smile: