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Anyone here follow the premier league ? I’ve been really getting into it lately and nothing else is on and the rumours thread is getting a bit heated so I wanted to make this thread. I follow Liverpool because I like Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah but they have been struggling lately with injury and weak performances against weaker teams. The comp looks really even this year with all the strong teams getting played by weaker teams such as Astin villa who are going pretty good atm considering the players they have.

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Serie A, AC Milan Fan and Reggina in Serie B

Irons supporter ( West Ham United) about 10th at this stage. We look forward just not to be relegated each year. :pleading_face:

im a mad spurs fan…boring hoofball sometimes, but results are positive…COYS!!!

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I live in London and have tried to give soccer ( I no they call it football) a go a couple of times but the last straw was going to a game a couple of years ago and at full time it was 0-0 and then they played extra time 30 minutes and it was still 0-0, the guys I was with looked at me and said what an amazing game.
I shit you not I nearly choked on my drink, over 2 hours of play and no one could score a goal, soccer is just so boring.
I do like watching Australia at the World Cup tho.

Indeed. Liverpool vs ManU has always been one of 'the games to watch’s…but Monday’s clash should be more like clashes of old.

I follow Chelsea FC, but have a soft spot for Everton as my second.

I know, I’m must be clinically insane. :crazy_face:

Been following Man Utd since the mid 70s… a bit of trivia, they have the Glory Glory song too!!!

Yeah I have a soft spot for Man’s pretty funny cause Liverpool and Man United usually hate eachother but nah I got a soft spot for them there going really well Pogba has gotten his shit together finally

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Originally a Leeds fan back until the mid 00’s due to a number of Australians playing there like Kewell, Viduka and Lucas Neill - Once they were relegated and i was young, dumb and not all that loyal i changed to Barcelona due to one man and one man only, Ronaldinho, still the best player i’ve ever seen when in his peak.

Leeds may be back in the PL now but i’ve lost a lot of interest in the game - Followed Blackburn to fill that hole up until 2012 or 2013 and for one reason or another just lost that interest.

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I saw this game at Elland Road back in 2002 which featured 3 Australians - Kewell, Viduka and Okon, Jacob Burns was also in the squad at the time. I was just to the left behind the goal for James Milner’s goal so I am a blurry head in some of the pictures.

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MASSIVE results, Leeds.

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As Man City have one hand on the premier league trophy, I think their focus is now winning the champions league

And the mighty West Ham are having their best season in decades. Really good win against Leicester overnight


Go the Hammers ! :grinning: :soccer:


I’m a Newcastle United fan, and good to see with our win over Burnley overnight that they are starting their traditional late-season rally to avoid relegation. 17th here we come!

Mind you, the only thing Newcastle gave won in the last half-century has been the Championship, so dropping down has its compensations.

I forgot I started this thread my team Liverpool are going terrible the loss of Van Dyk is bigger then I thought but oh well I guess where still in the run for champions league