Prelim Charges - Walker & Gagai

Noticed they were charged

But can’t find the detail

Gagai referred to as a South Sydney linchpin

(insert Port’s laughing Pink Panther here)


So Goseiski can grab a bloke while he’s on the ground with 2 players on top of him and, bounce his head 2 or 3 times into the ground and that’s OK?
Just a penalty.
Sam did less than that and he got on report and missed a Semi Final game??

AND, because Gagai and Walker stood up for their team mate who was on the ground getting his head bounced, one gets 10 in the sin bin as well as getting charged a fine while the other gets a fine.
Where’s the justice?? or is it justus?


What about DCE ‘s crusher tackle on Cook. What about Jorge hitting Sam in the head and knocking him out.
Were any Manly players charged or just us.


I swear Jake gave Liam Knight an eyeball massage at one point. The teddy bear doesn’t get a mention in the media or MRC though.


That’s the biggie for me

I know we’ve all said this a hundred times, but now I’ve heard everything. 2 Souths players charged. Surprise surprise surprise.

‘Tell him he’s dreaming love’

DCE the crusher gets away with it. Probably because the media uproar over Trbojevic getting sin binned relaxes the MRC interest.

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Linchpin noun

a pin passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position.

So basically what makes a turnstile a turnstile.


Nothing to lose by challenging the calls. If anyone was to hint that these charges are a payback for Sam’s chat it would keep the shit flying at the MRC and NRL judicial process in the he media.

Gagai is very lucky not to be charged by Souths for bringing the Clubs reputation into disrepute. :rofl:

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On the whole, the media commentators have a different opinion of Dane’s abilities to most on here.

True. However, I’ll be astounded and disappointed if we re-sign him.

The MRC are scared of getting a call from Des as he gave it to Annesley in relation to the Jake T sin bin so no charges for manly.

That’s ok manly, enjoy mad Monday.

With Manly out the point is moot , but if he was ringing Annesley how is that not a 10 k fine ?

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Also throw in the fact that Hasler said that they got dudded.

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there’s got to be an investigation !!

Walker & gagai are both free to play next week. No suspensions just fines.