Panthers Tickets

How is everyone going for tickets today ?

6 in 115 it will sell out today.

Wasnt anything in Cat 1 in the lower bowl

you cant get any more than two tickets on ground level right now… It could be a sell out by the time non-ticketed members have access at 1pm

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Bloody hopeless. Got on right at 10am and wanted 6 tickets in Souths Supporters area. No luck. Tried for 4 tickets again no luck. Could only get 2 in Row 9 which is virtually ground level.
Could have got 4 together in Cat 2 Section 609 but that is nose bleed territory so I will be watching at home on TV.

Surely there is a better service than Ticketek


I got Category 1 6 tickets in Aisle 407. Half way line, one level up which I thought were great

Got mine 102 _ 2 row 45 out of the rain if it rains happy.

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Not ticketeks fault…Its the demand… What people forget is, in the Rabbitohs bay, sponsors get allocated tickets, club 1908 get early access and then Souths themselves hold tickets. After that, the remaining is released.

With COVID this year, you are halved in the amount of tickets available in each bay. Therefore the fight is even harder.

If we win this week, we will have almost 20,000 ticketed members vying for 2,000 tickets. Its going to be a bloodbath

Their website is trash. Should be able to handle 20k people at once by now.

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Got in Bay level 2-101 four tickets for my friend.

Got 3 for ourselves in 103 row 28.

What a stress thus morning couldn’t get 7 tickets together anywhere.

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I got my tickets but behind the posts. Since when has category 2 been behind the posts!!

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I got Row 102-2 47. Say hello!

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I’ve got Penrith Panthers club,wearing my Rabbitohs gear!
Bad Chucks going to have a ball!


anyone got a code I can borrow if you have left over spaces? Please message me :slight_smile:

4 in Souths supporter area - Bay 105.

Got 3 in 103 row 26.

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105 row 22 two tickets

we want Melbourne to win then, as none of teir supporters can attend!


Yup, same at Bankwest, all cat 1 are parallel to field, everything else is behind the posts! Its a fucking rort