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For those who don’t know much about me, I have worked as an engineer since 2006. Recently this year, I was made redundant from my job; a blessing I have been praying for for quite some time.

While I consider my options, I’m trying to cook more foods and expand my tastebuds. I’m re-trying foods I’ve never liked to try and find a way to eat them that I enjoy (broccoli, mushrooms, gnocchi, fish I’m still struggling with). I’m trying to get out there and eat new cuisines that aren’t commonly found in Australia (everyone has had Greek, Italian, and Chinese, I want to try things I haven’t had).

Maybe this will lead to a career in food, I don’t know. But even if it doesn’t, at least I’ll be able to cook a damn good meal for my family.

So: here’s a thread for people to talk about recipes and restaurants, meals and menus, platters and places.


Sath my serious pass time is baking. I specialize in all types of doughs, batters and sweets. Let me know what you need. I bake a famous cinnamon scroll with cream cheese frosting :ok_hand:


I’m only good at losing dough, not making it.


Saths i was a chef for over 10 yrs , even had 2 restaurants so in terms of any recepies I can help.
If you are remotley thinking about a food career my advice is DONT. I can give u neg and positive and neg will far out weigh the pos.
Its one of the least rewarding and thankless careers.
The worse decision i made was getting into hospitality
The best decision was to get out. And havent looked back since and now blossoming and thriving im another career and business.
Once the GST came about it affected the food business the most.
Since then rents have gone up
Food cost gone up
Wages gone up
Cost of power and gas gone up
But the prices of a plate has stayed there abouts the same.
In my first venture in 1995 i was charging between $22 -27 for a main.
My rent was $450pw.
Now rents are at around 1000-2000pw and the prices are still around the same.
I made quite a bit of $$$ back then.
GST came in and ur lucky to work for a wage.
I saw the warning signs and got the heck out.
Chat to a few owners and they will tekl u the same stories.
Dont take “my kitchen rules” as a guide.
Look at “kitchen nightmares” as a more realistic guide


I use to play a lot of golf before I hurt my back at the driving range so I needed to find a passive pass time and baking it was.

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Bunnicle, I don’t watch kitchen shows. Masterchef occasionally, but that’s because it largely focuses on the dishes, not the drama.

My brother, however, is a pastry chef living in Melbourne. He loves what he does. Some of my friends in Queensland own a cafe that has done pretty well. I know another person who opened a food truck and hasn’t looked back.

The key with these people is that money isn’t everything for them. They’re not out to cook food to become rich; they make enough to provide for their families and they enjoy what they do.

I’ve worked in an office for the last ten years, after two and a half of TAFE and on the job training, and thirteen years of schooling where I made all the wrong choices on what subjects to take.

Like I said, I don’t know if I’ll get a career in food, but if I do, it’ll be because I enjoy it, not because I want to make money. Seeing people enjoy food and learning techniques to impress my own tastebuds is a far more thankful and rewarding job than the soul-crushing, mind-numbing, and joy-destroying shit I was doing before.


Breads. No matter what I do, I just can’t get bread right. It always comes out too dense.

My recommendations for great cookbooks to buy (or download):

  • 20 techniques by michael ruhlman
  • modernist cuisine
  • salt, fat, acid, heat

modernist cuisine is crazy and you probably won’t use any of the recipes, but it will teach so much

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Saithis, Your second last paragraph is entirely correct.

To be able to cook and share with your friends and family is a life skill well worth obtaining.

There will be times when you stuff up, my all time worst was cooking a birthday cake for my mother’s birthday and taking it to the restaurant for the waiter to bring out covered in candles. The cake developed a crack down the middle before being iced. I decided to fill the crack with strawberry jam. Trouble being the jam kept disappearing so I kept pushing more into the crack before I iced it. When my mother cut the cake, the whole thing literally fell apart into a strawberry jam glug.

We still laugh about it 30 odd years later!


You need a sourdough starter, I have one called Pepito, it’s 7 years of age and fantastic. And when baking a loaf it’s best to use a dutch oven method inside your own oven. This works all the time with a light airy well risen crumb and a crisp colored crust.


I don’t recommend this till you can eat your broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Back in the early 80’s we were at a restaurant in Hong Kong that specialized in Snake Soup, they brought the snake out alive and slit it open at the table. The gallbladder was whipped out and squeezed into our drinks. The soup they made out of it was delicious.

The thought of the poor old snake getting the chop these days makes me feel crook.

OMG, Pablo - that bread looks fabulous. I’ve tried 3 times to start some sourdough starter, but without success. Is that a no-knead bread you made? And does kneading bother your back?

Saithis - I don’t cook very exciting meals, so I’m probably not who you want advice from.

But I can recommend this cookbook –

Actually any of her cookbooks are undoubtedly excellent. I’ve had success with every recipe of hers that I’ve made.

There are dozens of videos of her excellent cooking show on youtube, as well as a couple of dodgy videos about ‘her bizarre marriage’.


Oh yeah - and if you’re interested in slightly spicier cooking videos – there’s always Giada! Some of her recipes are really good.

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Pabs I wouldn’t mind that recipe if possible, please.

No worries, I’m at work at the moment but will forward recipe and method when back at home. It’s important to prepare a starter and get it in cycle for at least two weeks with a feeding program then your ready to go. I’ll send you an easy method on making a sourdough starter, it’s the key.

I’m known in my community for the best cinnamon scrolls so I’m happy to share as well. They are a knockout.


Are you fat?

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I should be but no I’m in good health. I train four times a week and boxing which is my cardio workout does burn the calories at a fast rate.

Great thread @Saithis, I too love cooking. My latest venture is making Chinese dumplings. I haven’t tried making the dough myself yet, but have been experimenting with different fillings, and different ways to wrap them, both round and square ,as well as trying boiling, steaming and frying them. Next step tonight is what they call a potsticker- fry the bottoms until golden brown, then steam the rest. Then you have a variety of dipping sauces to try too. My wife is vegan but I’m a carnivore so tonight’s mix will be marinated tofu and snow peas for Mrs Dangar and a pork mince and veges for me. Tonight will also be the first time using a bamboo steamer. I’ll throw in some Chinese broccoli to steam with the dumplings. My favourite yum cha place gave me their recipe for broccoli in oyster sauce- simple but delicious and the perfect accompaniment to dumplings. I’ll let you know how it all goes.


Did want to be out done by pabs…lol.
They look great@pablo
I still love cooking for fruends family but will never ever do it in a commercial enviroment again


WOW They all look yummy.

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