Origin talk

1: Teddy
2: Carr
3: Turbo
4: Wighton
5: Fergo
6: Keary
7: Cleary
8: Klemmer
9: Cook
10: Jurbo
11: Cords
12: Friz
13: Murray

14: Graham
15: Radley
16: Paulo
17: Haas

Assuming we’re all New south welshman here. How goods this side look :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I know it’s early but i’m a sucker for Origin always get overly hyped way early on.

I think it’ll be interesting to see it held post season, and how that will affect the makeup of the sides. I expect a large portion of it to consist of the Grand Final teams.

If Souths don’t make the top 6, and Roosters make the grand final again, look for Radley to be chosen ahead of Murray. Especially if Murray is kept in the 12.

I’d have Murray starting regardless of playing finals. Been there done that Rads to interchange with him we lose nothing.

Man NSW pack is stacked so many mobile ball playing forwards. I’m really excited to see Haas get another shot as well i think he’ll be pencilled in.

@RustysRusty - I think Paulo may struggle in Origin. He would be ok for two 15min bursts. But, the speed of the game is evolving away from big blokes like him at NRL level and the speed of origin is quicker again. The rest of your side looks fantastic though!

Jake Trbojevic won’t miss out, Radley will be 18th man. I don’t think they’ll play both Cam and Victor on the bench, they are similar bodies.

Hopefully Radley pledges allegiance to Great Britain .

  1. Wighton
  2. Keary

JAC won’t be there, he got involved in something a lot more serious than what was reported in the news during the break. Cotric will be on the wing in his place…

A centre spot will be Latrell’s.

I named Jurbo at prop

I thought the same until recently i saw Freddy saying Paulo is a real chance of making the squad and they’re keeping tabs on him so i started watching him a lot more closely.

He played 70 minutes the other night 40 minutes straight and ran for 170m 4 offloads 3 tackle breaks made 20/20 tackles and his hands are super underrated. Ever since i started paying more attention to him i realised why Freddy was talking him up so much. He always hits the ground belly first as well.

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Or even Staggs centre and Turbo wing i know Staggs is considered to be a real smokey for the side.

Is Staggs eligible? He’s brilliant!

Yeah eligible for NSW and Aus

Oh right, he’s definitely in my side then, best centre in the game in my opinion

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I think Tupou should be the first winger picked, has been in brilliant form for a while.

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I agree as well Toups has been amazing for the chooks probably the most underrated winger in the game right now. But it’s early and Turbo will 100% have a wing spot you can’t leave him out whilst Fergo has all year to find form. He’ll be selected if his playing well based on his carries out of his own end he just bends the line a bit more than Toups.

5.Addo Carr

Pearce off Jack :rofl:

Tommy T
Addo Carr
Jake T

Campbell Gillard

Collins is a banana bender unfortunately.

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