Old Souths Cap

My aunty has tis old cap in very good condition.
Wants to sell but not keen on ebay.
Never been worn, any ideas where else she could try to sell it

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DM sent Wocca

I actually love that cap and it’s 100x better than anything Souths have manufactured in recent memory. I’m happy to pay $50 for it.

I’ll give her $75 for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll let you and Spud duke it out :smile: - I’d be happy to go into a bidding war for it but i am moving at the moment and need to watch my debits and credits.

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@MattyB do we cut it in half?

Time share it! The brotherhood of the travelling hat.

Lol absolutely mate.

That’s a cool cap, thought I was reading a thread related to the salary cap though. Old Souths Hat probably wouldn’t have caused the same confusion.

It would be good to have some sort of
‘Marketplace’ thread here where people can sell/buy old Souths gear and memorabilia. I have a few old jerseys to sell, but rather offer direct to supporters than on eBay.

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In Bitcoin or Aussie dollars?

Aussie dollars, obviously, they’re far less valuable than their equivalent in bitcoin. Whilst one depreciates exponentially the other increases at an even more rapid rate.

I’ll pay $100 if it’s in the post tomorrow. Have it in mind as a gift for my younger brother who’s birthday is Tuesday.

Deal? Send me account details to transfer if so!