Off-contract Rabbitoh Dane Gagai reportedly offered to Parramatta Eels

Off-contract Rabbitoh Dane Gagai reportedly offered to Parramatta Eels

One of two Rabbitohs are not expected to be at the club next season.


MARCH 30, 2021

Souths winger Dane Gagai has reportedly been offered to the Parramatta Eels as they try to manage their salary cap.

Gagai, who has played 206 NRL games for the Broncos, Knights and Rabbitohs, declared last week that he is willing to take a pay cut to allow the club to re-sign Reynolds.

However, Channel 9’s Danny Weidler reports that if Adam Reynolds stays at the club, Gagai could still be forced out.

Reynolds’ future has been the centre of speculation, with his agent Steve Gillis declaring last week that unless the Rabbitohs increase their offer to a two or or three-year deal, he will likely depart the club.

Weidler said on the Big Sports Breakfast that the Rabbitohs need to relieve salary cap pressure in some way.

“I think that if Reynolds is there, the way Souths have explained it to me, there is no Dane Gagai,” he said.

“If he stays, Dane will be elsewhere and there will be a stack of clubs looking at him. He’s been put to Parramatta. Early indications I’ve been getting, Brad Arthurwasn’t that keen on getting him. He won’t come cheap. He is a quality footballer.

“He may struggle to stay at Souths unless they get some relief in their cap. I did speak to Steve Gillis [Reynolds’ agent] about that and still word is no-one is budging. Sooner rather than later clubs will come knocking and try to sign Adam Reynolds up. I think there is a real stalemate… but Souths are very much against singing older players on longer deals.

“They want Adam Reynolds to do what John Sutton did and go year-by-year. Their belief was if it is good enough for John Sutton it is good enough for Adam Reynolds.”


No one player is bigger than the club

John Sutton prime example, backed himself year after year


I would be disappointed if we lost Dane Gagai just so Adam can get a 2 or 3 year deal.


He’s off contract. He doesn’t need to be “offered” to anyone.
Another piece of sub standard journalism


Not one quote from the club, all opinion by the weed. I put more stock in the gossip columns based on the weed’s reputation around this club.


Gagai has taken his game to another level the last 2 seasons. Love watching how much passion he has for the jersey. When he tapped the rabbit on the weekend I got excited. He is highly respected in the squad and I would be worried to lose his experience out wide. I think he is someone we should be trying to keep.


So, Reynolds has the same agent as Gagai, and this agent says the only way to sign Reynolds would be to cut Gagai?

Gagai, the guy who has improved tremendously the last couple of years, and who wants to stay so much that he’s willing to take less money to do so.

And Weedler implies that Gags is not wanted?

Something about this smells fishy.


It’s a cheap media attack on the players but especially aimed at the Club.
We’ve a perfect chance the win the comp this year and it’s these type of ‘pieces’ that place a cancer in the player ranks.

This is one of the reasons I’m really pissed with Adam. He started all of this.


gags came out and said he’ll happily take a pay cut to keep the playing group together, something will have to give though, we 100% lose gags, sua or reyno possibly multiple

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Looks to be a destabilization piece by the weed


I posted a Steve Gillis audio interview he did today in the Adam Reynolds thread.

We will end up losing one of Reynolds, Gags or Su’a.

I don’t buy today’s crap on Gags not wanted and shopped around… he has made it very clear how he feels about the club and his desire to stay even to the point of taking a pay cut (I believe that not some crap from journo)

At this point I think Gagai should be the first one of the 3 to get a deal to stay

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It is a destabilization piece by


I would rather lose Sua than Gags . Reynolds should be helping the club out if its tight and do it year by year . If he keeps playing well its a no brainer .


I don’t think Sua will stay so that frees up around $500k. Surely that will be enough to sign Adam and Gags

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Neither Adam or Gags should be asking for more than they currently get and is covered within the cap.

In fact Gags will be getting less if he stays

We will need Sua’s money to replace him if he leaves

" The way Souths have explained it to me". Yeah right Weed, I’m sure Souths explain all their decisions to you before making them. I call this as a typical Weed BS article, nothing more. The guy’s a total clown & known to be a Nick mouthpiece so I rate it as highly as a piece of used loo paper.


What a bullshit article and only a fool would buy into the Sutton comparison with Reyno as Sutton started 1 year extensions when he was 33 not 30 . That’s a massive difference .


This makes no sense

Reynolds and Gagai both fit in next year if we’ve already offered 1 year

The year after Gagai is a free agent so has no effect on our cap at his current rate


Sua inevitable. We have plenty of depth in the forwards.