NRL Interested in purchasing a stake in England’s Super League

Super play from NRL

ARLC chairman Peter V‘landys has confirmed the NRL has engaged in discussions about purchasing a stake in England’s Super League.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo has held talks with his Super League counterpart Robert Elstone about the possibility of a marriage between the two leagues.

V’landys on Thursday acknowledged the talks but said they were far from advanced at this stage.

It’s believed that $125 million would buy half-ownership of the 11-team competition.

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Yet they can’t pay a grant for Souths to run a NRLW team


They need some Vlandys magic over there
This is an issue that constantly baffles me, I’ve lived in the UK & have some idea of the sporting landscape which is obviously 95% dominated by football & that is the go to “man in the street” working class game but it strikes me there’s room for more than one working class sport for the masses, the biggest issue I suppose is that football just almost goes all year round, it never seems to stop
Rugby union is pretty much the same here, it’s got its roots in the upper to upper middle class & mainly in the south
It also always baffled me why the working class of Wales never rejected the English upper class game, same goes for Scotland & Ireland to some extent, it seems League is a better fit for them
Then there’s the eternal goal to try & win over London, don’t even get me started there

I say stick to your own dunghill.

Australian management again has been tested away from its cosy home patch and again failed. This time it’s Wesfarmers sticking up its hand as second rate, abandoning its attempt to establish Bunnings in the UK and blowing a billion dollars or two in the process.

Remember we have Blake Solly who was ESL CEO

Wonder if its a play to destabilise Souths

Or farm off their $250 covid loan back to the UK

Is Blake “Silly” a Freudian slip or a genuine typo?

It’s got nothing to do with Souths
The universe doesn’t revolve around us
You seem to think it does

There seems to be a train of thought that it’s a ploy to drive value up as they seek investment