NRL 2020 Power Rankings: Front-rowers 16-1

#5 Tevita Tatola/Tom Burgess

Tatola: Breakout year for the Bunnies big man. Were big question marks over their pack before the season started, but he led from the front and silenced the doubters.Finished the year with 122m and 27 tackles per game, as well as 1067 post-contact metres for the year. Scored 3 tries and had 29 tackle breaks, and was unlucky to miss out ona spot in the NSW Origin squad.

Burgess: Really stood up and showed his experience this year when his side needed it. Finished the year 3rd in the competition for post-contact metres with 1464, and averaged 146m and 27 tackles per game. Arguably his most consistent year in the NRL.


Tom finished 3rd for PCM? That’s a pretty good effort imo. He stood up in the absense of his brothers.


He also wasn’t paired with George by association (eg all his handling errors)

Poor George tried too hard once his body gave in.

I hate how many negative comments he receives, he was monumental in our premiership and gave everything to the club.

Don’t get me wrong, the time was right for him to move on, but now that he has, I think he deserves more respect.

(This is in general and not a dig at you mate)


I agree with you, I really liked George but it was definitely clear after his eye gouging incident that his body was seriously on the decline. I was simply putting it out there that they were referred to as “the twins” rather than the individual.

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George is a club legend

He was on track to be the best forward in the game by the end of 2014. A real shame

I have some real question marks about the condition some of our players were left in by the end of the Madge era. Seems like a lot of injuries were allowed to become far greater ongoing issues than they needed to be. George hips, Reynolds back, Sams shoulder, GIs knees, Crichton finger that needed amputation


With the interchange and modern tactics, players are being subjected to huge impacts from hit ups and its taking its toll.
Its the reason why Cam Smith is still going, he is rarely tackled from taking hit ups.


Yep, I agree.
Smith needs to wear the Number 8 jersey from here on in.
I’d love to see him take every hit-up from every kick off for the rest of his career.
I can’t stand the bloke.

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