NBA Thread

Any NBA fans out there in Warrenville? Or am I Robinson Crusoe?

I absolutely love the NBA. No particular team but watching the Warriors play is a treat. The team as a whole, and Curry in particular, has redefined basketball.

I still believe it will be Warriors v Cavs MkIV in the finals, despite Cleveland’s poor recent defensive form.


Yes big fan
I’ve been a warriors fan since 1994, ironically I think they’ve taken a similar path to Souths - won their last title in the 70’s, 13 consecutive years missing the playoffs in the 90s-2000s, Souths and the Warriors made the semis in 2007, then both missed the semis for 4 more years, then both won the title within about 6 months of each other

Only thing is the Warriors have made the NBA finals 3 years running and Souths couldn’t quite keep up!

I’m less confident this year than last year, Houston will be up for a massive run at the title

Rockets and OKC have the talent but I doubt whether either team can win 4/7 in a conference final series. Maybe 4-2 to Warriors v Houston. Harden is nothing short of a freak. From memory Houston beat the Warriors earlier in the week but Thompson was as cold as ice. He won’t repeat that too often.

Curry does things that no one else can do. He slid/bamboozled a pass to Thompson last night that was magician-like.

It really is astonishing at how long the season goes for. These blokes are superb athletes.

My son plays and is a massive lakers fan so i have been bragged into the sport. Lakers have had a couple of poor seasons just like the rabbits so hopefully souths can give him some good times this year as the lakers are still in that rebuild stage after kobe.

GSW fan but I don’t think they are up to last season’s standard yet.

Also interested in 76ers due to Ben Simmons carving opponents up.

How are you all gsw fans???

For me it was because they were for so long the easy-beats. I usually start out supporting such a team. In English football (soccer) I support Sunderland. Enough said!!

Big rumour that Blake Griffin has been traded to the Pistons. I think big Deandre won’t be too far behind him, but not sure about the destination.

Love it. Subscribe to NBA TV every year. Just enjoying the Jazz belting the Warriors at the moment.

I go for Brooklyn so a lot of similarities to Souths. Poor management who traded their draft picks away to go all in on Pierce and Garnett. Trying to turn it around now with a good up and coming GM from New Zealand.

I would like to see Houston win it.

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Griffin first game for Pistons. 20/10/5/2. Not far from triple double. It’s amazing how quickly things move in the NBA.

Tune out for a few months and all the rosters are completely different from what you remember

I’m a lakers fan so it’s been a few lean years but I love the NBA . To me it’s the best run sporting administration in the world. Each game feels like your wstching a show with so much energy.

Anyway here are my predictions for the season:

  1. Rockets will start losing more than they will win for the rest of the season . They are the pretenders
    2 . Boston will be the eastern conference champions
    3 . Golden state the western conference champions
    4 . Westbrook and OKC will implode

If all the teams play anywhere near their potential, it will be Cavs v Warriors Mk4, with the Warriors winnning 4-2 in a canter. Too powerful with talent at both ends of the court.

The way the Cavs are playing…4-0…if they even reach the finals :slight_smile:

There’s talk of LeBron joining the 76ers for next season. LeBron - Simmons - Embed would be some starting line up. Embed is superman and an MVP in the future.

I don’t follow soccer much but a friend does and said he follows Scunthorpe. I asked why he said when he was a kid he realised there’s a rude word in the name and that appealed because it was naughty and he stuck with them. He said there’s three teams in English soccer with rude words in their name. Scunthorpe, Arsenal and Manchester Fucking United

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I’m a big Spurs fan and have been since David Robinson was the man back in the early 90s.

My team ain’t doing so well with Kawhi out right now but hopefully they can make a late playoffs run regardless. Unless they get a raft of injuries, no one is getting close to the Warriors this year not even the high flying Rockets.

Great team. For some reason Kawhi is always injured.

Just this season. Was injured by zaza while spurs where dominating gws in last years playoffs, after he was taken off Gsw took over. Apparently his quad injury is a really tricky one. Best defender in the league hands down.

Gee FF except for that collingwood fault you have, we share a lot of similarities. I too love the NBA. My team the Bulls are destroying themselves but hopefully will rebuild to be a force again. My son follows Portland where Lillard is a freak.

Love the 3 stooges avatar… check out this