Misheard Lyrics (Mondegreen) and Parodies of Songs

As we have a song thread, I thought what about thread about songs that we have either heard ourselves, or that we song ourselves, or even reworded the song because it done it more justice.

Some will know of a few classics, it will be fun to sing them out aloud again, because they are so funny at times.

I think of the greatest classics of a misheard song was by Cold Chisel - Cheap Wine

Cheap wine and a three legged goat,
Cheap wine and a three legged goat,
with a camel, with a camel.

As for parodies, I have a tonne of those. One of our favorite songs at school was the “Celebration of the Nation” ad which we totally reworded the chorus.

Masturbation of the nation, give us a hand
Masturbation of the nation, let’s make it grand.
Doesn’t it feel great, when you masturbate.
Come on, give us a hand.

For those who wish to go back 30 odd years

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A misheard lyric is known as a mondegreen. One of my favourites is from CCR’s Bad Moon Rising - “there’s a bathroom on the right”.

It became such a popular mondegreen that CCR occasionally finish performances of that song with that line.

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I think you’ll get a few from Aussie Crawl (James Reyne)


Thanks @Saithis I was thinking there was a name for it.

Can you guess these mondegreens:

“Picking up the pizzas that I threw up on the floor” - Callisto correct

“And there’s a wino down the road” - soucit correct

“I got my first real sex dream, I was 5 at the time.” - Saithis correct

Not sure about the first two, but the last one is Summer of 69

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I hope he didn’t do too much damage with himself when you hear the next line of the song.

"Played it 'til my fingers bled "

“And there’s a wino down the road”
Has to be ‘‘Stairway to Heaven’’ - Led Zep


Still thinkin bout my addidas Romes

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I said “you tickle me balls”.



I was listening to the ‘live’ Concert for Bangladesh with Billy Preston singing ‘That’s The Way God Planned It’
My 22 yr old son came out of his bedroom and said “crazy lyrics to these old songs Dad”. Whattya mean? I asked.
All he heard was
“Masturbate, God planned it?”

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I think one of the most famous ones is ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down. BRUCE.


What is it?? I really thought that was it

Is that diesel’s Cry in Shame?

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It was groose. Apparently a made up word but the public mistook it for Bruce. Even Jeff Lynne starting singing Bruce at concerts.

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