4B - Burgess Collection


Imagine getting a sponsor on your mask.

I’d be filthy!

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Look at the Roosters gear, then ours. Their gear is 1000 times better.

Why the hell would I want to look at Roosters merchandise BB ??


If it is was more affordable people would purchase more of it

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Merch is 25% off for members at the moment, 15% for non members.

Codes are at the top of the screen when browsing the shop.

I just picked up a Smiths Crisps jersey for about $80, with free delivery.

That was very quick, my Smiths Crisps jersey showed up today.

Australia Post must be clearing up the parcel backlog, now people are out & about more.

It’s a nice jersey, instead of the very synthetic ISC ones for the current playing strips, it’s more of an old school feel, but still with some stretch in it.

The sewn-on NSWRL & bunny patches are a nice touch also.

Very happy, would recommend 100%.

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Training Shorts + Training Tees + Training Bags + Hoodies + Hats from Michael Crocker Academy.

Got some nice merch at the moving to Heffron sale.

2018 jersey, cap and two t-shirts for $70, can’t complain.

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But i always wear my underwear like that. Just thought thats how its done. Not fair.

What if theyre well passed their use by date and the elastics buggered, the fabrics thin and one ball is at risk of slipping out from time to time? You got a mask picture for that?

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