Merchandise Mega Store - Heffron Park

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Burns did his hamstring while photo shooting


It’s hardly a mega store. Embarrassingly small actually.


The Tennis centre…

Admittedly I haven’t been there for about 5-6 years but that used to run out of the old indoor sports centre.

It must have had an upgrade because it looked like it was going to fall down even back then!

Actually Maroubra needs a complete overhaul.
Bad Chuck has always been happy with his accomodation down the road at Matraville.
Free board and tucker!

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Anyone know the latest on Heffron Park?
This was the last info I can find from August 2020–design-released-for-the-heffron-centre/

From the Southern Courier on the same date, but behind a paywall.

Revealed: Fresh design for Rabbitohs’ new home in Maroubra

A $58 million project to move the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ headquarters from Redfern to Maroubra plus build new facilities for the community has taken another step forward. See the latest designs here.


It’s a joke.

I doubt we will ever se it happen.

This has been happening for what, a decade now, and still nothing or no relevant updates.

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Expressions of interest from builders went in early Dec to Randwick Council, with tender invites slated for late Jan-Feb.

Source: I work for a builder who submitted an EOI.


All well and good but we’ve heard it all before.

You’d think they are building the Royal Palace.

I’ll be shocked if it ever gets built.


I was there yesterday to buy a mask, megastore? I’d say 2 mtrs x 4 mtrs max?

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ADCO are tendering for it

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. :rugby_football:

They ain’t building fucking Rome.

They are putting together a couple of footy fields and a fancy looking gym!

Take a chill pill.:pill:


As the above have described, looks no bigger than a shoe box.

Surely this isn’t a permanent location until the fairty tale centre of excellence is built.

A professional sporting team can’t be running the fan store out the back of a shed.


I suppose most shopping these days is done on-line. I got 4 masks for myself and my family. Not bad they are. I was saying to my wife that I reckon I have wasted my money and it will be a novelty /collectable item after all this is over. Errrrrr no. I have just bought another two- nice to use the voucher.

It’s an upgrade from this. :grinning:


Nah, I’ve been there, it’s about the same size.
Edit: actually if that’s the long wheel base version, then the vans bigger.