Medical Staff

Since Jarrod Wade has taken over our medical staff in 2019. The amount of injuries we suffer is a joke. It’s so obvious he is not up to the job. 4 injuries in 1 game is a deadset joke. Time for this bloke to get the arse.

Yea righto.


These types of injuries are unavoidable. It’s a contact sport mate.



Big weekend on the turps mate?

Have a look across the league and it’s unfortunately just “our turn”.

Let’s get it out of the way before the finals and come back fresh and strong.


Not just this year the last 3 years we cop injuries each game

Just refresh my memory who was injured in the Titans game.

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It’s rugby league, not fucking chess.

You are really on a tear this morning mate.

Maybe step away from the keyboard and grab some fresh air.



Wade is not on the field. With the force of the contact it’s a miracle a lot more aren’t hurt.

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Bit early for the bamboo schooners don’t you think?

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Rough weekend on the drink???

Seriously this goes down as one of the dumbest topics of the year… Atleast you have achieved something out of the post


Ok and that was Wade’s fault how? He got his head in the wrong spot in a tacke so must be the defensive coaches fault, right?

I’d be worried if it was all pulled muscle or similar injuries but majority are contact injuries, not sure there is much you can do about that.


He clearly doesn’t have our players doing their hand and finger warm ups.

Sack him now.


I seem to remember this has been said about our last three medical heads. How can they stop players from getting ligament damage? Or broken bones? Or concussions?

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Jarrod must have links to Alcott.


Suspect a few players carried injuries into the Canberra game

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Paulo did he was all but out on Thursday morning.

You deadset must be a professional cliff jumper.

Adam does extend his contract: Oh that’s our season gone, he’ll play like shit because we didn’t offer him what he’s worth.

Cam out for longer than expected due to ankle injury: Season over, Cam is irreplaceable.

Junior gets a concussion: Our conditioning is the worst in the league, our medical staff should train our players to not suffer concussion.

The list goes on.

I’d fucking hate to be stuck in the trenches with you. Keep your powder dry, Souths will be just fine.


You are simply a goose