McDonald’s joins as our Official Quick Service Restaurant Partner!

The South Sydney Rabbitohs today welcome McDonald’s as Official Quick Service Restaurant Partner.

The three-year partnership will see Macca’s support the Club’s digital channels and their highly engaged digital fanbase, as well as the Official Match Day Partner for our clash with the Cowboys in Round 17.

South Sydney CEO, Blake Solly, said the Club and McDonald’s would look to further the Digital and Match Day experience for our Members and fans.

“As a Club, we’re very excited to partner with McDonald’s across the next three years and work with them to bring innovation and new experiences to our Members and fans on game day,” Mr Solly said.

“The Rabbitohs are home to the most engaged Digital fan base in Australian Sport, and we know our Members and supporters will love the competitions and events McDonald’s are going to run.”

McDonald’s Australia Market Director – New South Wales, David McMullen, added: “We’re proud to play an active role in communities across Australia.

“We’re pleased to be supporting Rugby League through this new partnership with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“We hope together with the Club, we can help keep South Sydney’s loyal and long-serving fans connected with the Rabbitohs and get more Aussies enjoying Rugby League.”


mmmmmmm, MacRabbit Burger


Great news.
The more sponsors the better. Well done to all involved.


It’d be massive if we had them as a major sponsor
I can’t recall them doing the major sponsor thing, they’re more likely to do what they’re doing with us, partnering up for specific causes or specific elements of the club

Corporate dinners?

Or Game day food

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This is a worldwide franchise. Well done South Sydney marketing on this one. :+1: :clap: :+1:


So who is going to invent the

McRabbitohs burger


Better than this weeks opposition sponsor … :wink:

Storm, Grill’d announce new partnership
Tue 10 Mar 2020

Ahh McNice. Now when the boy and I continue our tradition of stopping off at Padstow Maccas on the way home after a game we’re at least supporting a club sponsor. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is really a low act by the Bunnies,they done this purposely to piss Richo off.


Great to see our team promoting healthy lifestyles…

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Calling McDonald’s a restaurant is a big stretch. A bit like calling their food healthy choices.

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Ahhh come on mate, you can buy apple pieces. :joy:


What’s wrong with Maccas George? In a healthy balanced diet every now & again?
Wouldn’t eat it myself, but if they’re wanting to sponsor the club, I’ll take their coin, same as alcohol & betting sponsors.


Happy Easter Richo!


> While the vegetable patty is vegetarian, it is fried using the same equipment as the tempura coated McChicken patty, so may not be suitable for all vegetarians.

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Haha you crack me up Chucky.

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I’m actually not that bothered about it, but Maccas is crappy food, and a significant contributor to obesity. You are correct to note that “as part of an otherwise healthy diet”, it’s not really a problem, but the problems really arise when you realise that people who frequent fast food places don’t eat a healthy diet the rest of the time either. As a sports team, we should really be supporting healthy life choices, though of course we could probably find some moral flaw with most sponsors.

Well said George, I’ll raise my schooner to that.

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See, now schooners are good for you! :beer:

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