MattyBitcoin’s Crypto Thread

For the many of you who were particularly interested in my last thread you now have a place to discuss this fascinating topic! I’ll provide tips and answer any questions you guys have!

If you watched the markets lately you’ll have seen a massive increase in Crypto value across the board. Whilst Bitcoin is certainly the pick of the bunch in my opinion (see below chart), the price point isn’t for everyone. There are many lesser known “alt coins” I’m quite bullish on as well.

Let’s chat!

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I’ve been following it since your last thread and I notice that every couple weeks Bitcoins value shoots up 1-2 thousand before making a slight dip. Do you ever make trades or do you just simply hold it out?

It’s not Bitcoin he is holding


What are your thoughts on LEND,Algorland and ZEC???

I don’t day trade but there is value in it. Certain platforms allow you to set “auto buy” / “auto sell” limits which can allow you to fix in pricing.

The recent fluctuations are due mainly to those auto buy/sell limits above. E.g. if a vast number of people set an auto sell at a round figure (which they do) of say ten thousand USD, you’ll see a decline in price immediately after before it rebounds to that same price and the pattern repeats. The beauty is that as confidence grows so too do the auto sell prices. $8kUsd was a big hurdle, it hovered above and below that line for many months. That number is now twelve k.

Is the Bitcoin Up thingo a scam?

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Im skeptical of it but I do know some traders who swear by it.

Essentially Bitcoin Up is a patch program equipped with algorithms that enable it to trade bitcoin on behalf of users, which I can see benefit in as the majority of major fluctuations happen while we are sleeping here in Australia.

Not sure of the fees associated but I assume they’re fairly high. It’s very technical and not for a novice trader. I’d tread carefully mate…

Not for me mate just curious…my strategic investments are usually limited to the value bet of the day at Randwick.


Annnnnnnnnd it’s gone lol

You don’t possess the intelligence for this. Back to the footy chat for you bud.

So this week’s dive doesn’t bother you Matty?

It was entirely predictable and a great opportunity to buy. Understanding the mechanisms behind dips and peaks is so important. Bitcoin should never be a short term proposition, other crypto currencies are day trading goldmines but not bitcoin.

It’s fluctuations are actually a sign of its strength similar to Gold and Oil.

I bought in at $6400 US, travelling ok.

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Hold on no matter what!

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Are you trying to be disliked by literally everyone on this forum? The price of Bitcoin dropped back to where it was before “the halvening” and you hit my lighthearted joke about it with a salty ass reply… :man_facepalming:t2:

You don’t understand, so refer to something you may.

back to the footy chat on the footy forum where we discuss footy, maybe a crypto currency fb page? YT channel? instagram @?

You came to my bar! Few free to leave, cheers

your bars in my house, inside of this footy forum where we come to talk about footy, on the… footy forum

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