Let’s Get Positive. Line Up for 2021

Let’s look to 2021.

I keep adding and deleting Mitchell from FB, but really, IMHO, we are a better team with Allen at FB. Now during the game the can swap, as Insee Allen as a genuine centre - think of our potency if both are on the field. I’ve also not got Gagai as I believe he will not be there; a swap for JAC. It’s either him, Paulo or Roberts.

  1. Allen

  2. JAC

  3. Graham

  4. Mitchell

  5. Johnson

  6. Walker

  7. Reynolds

  8. Tatola

  9. Cook

  10. Burgess

  11. Su’a

  12. Arrow

  13. Murray

  14. Koala

  15. Knight

  16. Sironen

  17. Taaffe

  18. Paulo

  19. Nichols

  20. Moga

  21. J Cook

  22. Sele

  23. Amone

Gagai has been solid for most of the year.
Roberts goes before Gags


Latrell will be fullback.




Addo Carr




If Latrell’s fit he’s got the number 1 on his back. People need to come to terms with this. Otherwise it’s a good looking team that by rights should win more games than they lose.


I don’t think you can just dismiss what Bennett says all the time
JAC won’t be at Souths
At some point you have to believe what comes from the horses mouth

I think Graham has grown an extra leg since moving back to centre
I don’t see him moving, he’s killing it


Agree RE Graham. Can’t see him playing anything other than centre. Would love to know what Port has thought of him this year.

I think this will be the side but Gags and Graham will be swapped.

Well given WB’s assessment of ou r weakness defuse kicks Latrell at FB does nothing to address this. In fact it’s worse, he doesnt drop kicks because he doesnt attempt to catch them all that often. On thst score & Allen’s form since starting at the back, we are a better team with Allen at FB & Latrell in the centre. We could even swap them for periods during games, but I think FB is Allen’s position to lose.

1.Latrell Mitchell
2.Alex Johnston
3.Dane Gagai
4.James Roberts
5.Josh Addo Carr
6.Cody Walker
7.Adam Reynolds
8.Thomas Burgess
9.Damian Cook
10.Junior Tatola
11.Jayden Su’A
12.Cameron Murray
13.Jai Arrow
14.Bayley Sironen
15.Keaon Koalamatangi
16.Liam Knight
17.Jacob Host

1.Corey Allan
2.Jaxson Paulo
3.Campbell Grahem
4.Braidon Burns
5.Steve Marsters
6.Lachlan Illias
7.Blake Taafe
8.Mark Nicholls
9.Josh Cook
10.Ky Rodwell
11.Brock Gardner
12.Jed Cartwright
13.Hame Sele


All I know is that we need wingers who can handle the high ball and contest it either as an attacker or a defender. AJ is one who can and working on the assumption that JAC won’t be with us next year I would be inclined to slot that tall body of Campbell Graham on to the other side.

We need AFL training for our back 5


I think we need to stop naming JAC in every team

Give it up

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There will be a number of our U20s GF winning team pushing for RG selection

  • Kane Allan
  • Mougios
  • James T
  • Rodwell

While changing U20s to U21s means players can still play at that level

  • Angianga
  • Bain
  • Puru
  • Manowski
  • Ilias
  • Stowers
  • Taumoepenu
  • Gale
  • Pete M
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I’ve heard Tigers have raised another $100k cash per season through a tiling company, I know a manager in the company and the dumb owner was bragging to his manager not knowing its most likely an illegal 3pa. I think they have offered him 550-600k on cap plus extras off cap.

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Mitchell will likely be a slow starter next season due to his injury, I think Allan is 1.07 to start at Fullback and unless something isn’t clicking with pre-season or Mitchell goes above and beyond with his rehab and fitness, that is the way it’s going to be.

  1. Allan

  2. Johnston

  3. Mitchell

  4. Graham

  5. Gagai

  6. Walker

  7. Reynolds

  8. Arrow

  9. Cook

  10. Burgess

  11. Su’A

  12. Sironen

  13. Murray

  14. Tatola

  15. Knight

  16. Cartwright

  17. Koloamatangi

  18. Paulo

  19. Sele

  20. Roberts

  21. Nicholls

Paulo is only going to improve even further over the off-season and is unlucky not to make the 17, Gagai over Roberts without question imo - The work Gags does to help out our forwards is great and the energy and velocity he runs with also helps out with the roll on and/or second phase.

We can’t have people who wait for the ball to come to them, we need energy and effort from every single member of the 17, until Roberts improves that and without injury he doesn’t make my team.

Tatola is really unlucky not to make the starting team but it won’t matter too much as we will just even out the minutes with the forwards so it pretty much won’t matter if your starting or substitituting.

I’d only have Su’A pay about 55-60 minutes to maximise his impact which will increase the minutes for the middle and Murray to shift there with Arrow moving to Lock and Tatola coming on, Same for Sironen but to allow Cartwright to get some minutes unless he is required in the outside backs due to injury.

I’d try to have it so both Arrow and Murray are playing the entire 80.

  1. Latrell

  2. Gagai

  3. Suuali

  4. Graham

  5. Roberts (or JAC in a swap)

  6. Walker

  7. Reynolds

  8. Burgess

  9. Cook

  10. Tatola

  11. Arrow

  12. Koloamatangi

  13. Murray ©

  14. Sironen

  15. Sua

  16. Rodwell

  17. Knight

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Why would Latrell be such a long time away?

He is 8 weeks into the injury already. He would have begun functional movement 2 or more weeks ago and will begin the running phase of his recovery in about 2 more weeks.

He should be ready for contact training by the time the team is back to training, as long as his recovery has gone well