Latrell Deal a Huge Bunny Boost


Thanks, Bunnyone. :smiley:

Basically just a rehash of already published articles from the last week. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Another mention about the prelim losses…

I know plenty of you don’t want to talk about it, but if we make it to our 4th in a row, you can bet your life that’s all you’ll be hearing for the week or 2 leading in to the game.

I hope our fellas can deal with that pressure this time around.

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Cronk just putting pressure on souths at the request of the Roosters

Nothing surprising here.


This has been running longer than “Blue Hills”.

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Amazing isn’t it. This year is Souths last shot at the title. The team will be haunted by the previous losses so this will make it very hard.
WB always leaves clubs in a bad way so we’ll be screwed when he leaves.
Rock and a hard place. Did he have to learn this negative propaganda or does it come naturally.
He like Fittler and Gould have lost all credibity.

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It felt like Cooper was giving you guys a cuddle and a punch in the belly at the same time. Braith was more unconditional.

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Great news

Members email has confirmed extension till 2023



It’s a cold hard fact.

We’ve lost 3 prelims in a row.

You reckon we make a 4th and there isn’t talk throughout the media of the pressure…

Cmon man.

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You are delusional
You argue for the sake of arguing which let’s you down big time, that’s why no one takes you serious.

Of course everyone knows they lost the last 3 preliminaries

It doesn’t take a rooster stooge to bring it up every 5 minutes along with the other nonsense.


Take your tin foil hat off.

Can you point out what part of my post is delusional.


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This news requires a round of Glory Glory

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So inspirational.

I agree the posts on here and elsewhere about losing 3 prelims = delusional.

In 2019 Canberra was beatable and they did step up on GF day in a way SS ,may not have been able

2018 Souths had nothing in attack in the PF vs the Roosters. In 2020 Souths had many injured players and were on a hiding to nothing to be trounced by the Storm on GF day.

I wonder if any stats are available on the Roosters PF appearances since 1990 to 2019 ?

Souths are placed in the Top 8 in most years these days not the last 4 teams a la 1990’s.


Gee I hope this bloke stays injury free and tears it up this season. It’s like he’s taking over from where GI finished and is a good back up goal kicker too


I think the “three losing Prelims” argument is a bit overblown. In 2018, we probably over-achieved by making the Top Four (remember that we finished 12th in the preceding two seasons), we were well on the slide by the time the finals started, and we were beaten by the eventual premiers. In 2020 we actually finished 6th and only got to the Prelims via some re-hot form in the late season, but we were a bit lucky with our draw, could well have lost either of the earlier finals if we’d played someone better than Newcastle or Parra, and in the end were bested by the minor premiers. In my view, only 2019 should be considered as one that got away, as we went into the finals in good form, and we should have been good enough to beat Canberra in the Prelims.


We have lost the last 3 prelims.

It’s a fact.

There is not one single element of delusion surrounding that fact.

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It may well be overblown, but you bet your life it will be all that is spoken about in the lead up to this years prelim if we get there.

The media won’t care for the details surrounding those previous losses.

The outside noise will be at an all time high.

Cronk was right, even if you don’t like him - which I don’t, that if we should lose 4 in a row that can be devastating to players involved (not to mention us poor bloody fans).