Latrell could lead Instagram Boycott as Stars hit back at Trolls


He’s showing some real leadership. Credit to him.
Hopefully this puts a stop to the racism, though I doubt it. What I more hopeful of, is less people expressing their idiotic views on social media, and in general life.


Boycotting Instagram won’t stop the racist idiots. They’ll just walk away thinking “haha fuck yeah got him to delete his account”.

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Does cyber bullying exist if you hit the red button and switch the device off ? If you delete your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc accounts is that the end of the problems on your socials ?

Maybe I’ve found a solution?

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I think deleting social media is a good move for most people’s mental health.


Yes, it does. Because if not you, someone else is still getting bullied. You haven’t solved the problem.

Then everyone who gets bullied gets off the internet, and you create an exclusive echo chamber worldwide network for people who are deliberately offensive.

And then they get emboldened by finding out more people are like them, and more people become like them just to survive on the Internet, and suddenly, it’s not cyber bullying - it’s real-world bullying, with a coordinated effort.

You’re a glutton

If everyone gets off the socials and leaves the bullys on there is the problem not fixed ?

There will always be bully’s everywhere in life if you cut off their oxygen game over.

Yes there will be bullys in other areas in life but young people especially these days are left to their own devices far too early on the net by parents. That’s not a cyber bullying problem that’s a poor parenting problem. The same goes for adults if they are on the net getting bullied get off. If you fall asleep on an ants nest you get bitten , I’ve always found that to stop the biting it was always best to get off the ants nest. It really does help. Don’t concern yourself that if someone else falls asleep on the nest they will get bitten too.

If you remove yourself from the socials and or spending too much time on the net generally most will find that life gets better in so many areas…

More fresh air
More sunshine
More socializing with real people
Less intake of internet crap
Less outside pressure of all sorts
Less comparing of yourself to others

The list of benefits goes on and on.


Bully’s are everywhere but a huge problem today is that people don’t feel like that can get away from them. They invite them into their homes and bedrooms 24/7 and wonder why they end up in a huge mess.

Everyone needs a safe place and a sanctuary to get away and remove themselves from harms way. Most people today have removed that place from their lives and want everyone else to fix it.

Use the little red button kids it really does work. The internet pros and cons are very lopsided.

As I said, no, it’s not. Because they will be emboldened by others like them.

This goes beyond bullying. This isn’t sixteen year old kids in the playground. This is actual racism.

To just say “turn off social media” is putting the onus on the victims whilst saying “well racists gonna be racist ¯_(ツ)_/¯ “ instead of addressing the issue, which is that people are racist.


Also, I dunno about you, but I think Mitchell does pretty well at getting all of these things given that his entire career is built around training and playing football… outside.


Yeh right so the answer to school yard bullies is to just not go to school. Or workplaces bullies, easy, just don’t go to work.

Everyone has a right to use social media without being harassed or abused. It’s actually the law. So no, you have solved nothing.


All people have the capacity for good and bad. Unfortunately social media provides the cloak of anonymity or safety to behave badly with no fear of consequence.

And its far from confined to any racial issues…its just good old fashioned disrespect writ large.

Abuse is abuse is abuse. Needs to be called out whatever the perceived underlying motivation is.

How do you stop human beings from displaying disrespect to each other?

Wish I knew.


Better still, don’t be on it in the first place. I don’t use it, as it doesn’t serve me to at all.

However, coming here makes up for it I suppose. :roll_eyes:


Take away the oxygen and exposure, you will always have racists , bullys etc. take away their platform.

Fantastic thats great.

No , don’t bring them home is the point.

Wrong again…

Everyone has the right to sit on an ants nest too.

A bit rich for you to comment on bullying isn’t it. Pretty sure I’ve seen you out of shape , abusing , name calling and just all round aggressive to those here who think differently to you yeah ?

Yeh I tend get the shits when someone likens homosexuality to beastiality and paedophilia. Fair enough I reckon.

An no, by removing yourself from platforms at hands of bullies is not the answer. Those bullies will seek out victims regardless of where they are. Being a boomer makes it easy to say “just don’t go on social media”. Unfortunately we live in the now, not back in the old days.