Kotoni Staggs wants to join Broncos exodus

The Brisbane Broncos are about to be rocked by news that another of their boom players wants out.

Centre Kotoni Staggs is under contract until the end of next season but can negotiate and sign with rival clubs from November.

Staggs is regarded by many as a future Blues State of Origin and Kangaroos star.

Could Kotoni Staggs make the move out of Brisbane?

Somehow he has managed to stand out at the Broncos playing outside of struggling halves.

No doubt every club in the game with any salary cap space will be interested.

The fact he wants to look elsewhere puts more pressure on struggling coach Anthony Seibold.

The club can’t just sit back and allow the likes of David Fifita and Staggs to go. They are their two best players.

Staggs’ situation is similar to Fifita, whose negotiations with the Titans were stalled by a dispute with his manager. There’s talk Staggs wants to find a new agent as well.



Sell Roberts, Buy Staggs.


The Rabbitohs did try to sign this player two seasons ago, he knocked us back.


He re signed with Bennett as coach.


I think sell gags, Roberts will come cheap to stay at Souths but Gags is too expensive for his services.


That is true Pablo.
Wayne will only be here for 1 more season.
Jason Demetriou has good relations with their players, will that be enough for any Broncos players wanting to come here?
Jason he is a good decent bloke.

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Retire jet incomes stagggg :eggplant:


Gags won’t be going anywhere in 2021.
Roberts, he wants to stay also.

Lowe, Allan and Burns are the 3 players we need to release ASAP.
Nobodies, Marsters, Denniss and Dillon won’t be re-signed.

I am not sure about Rodwell.


Give Gags what Roberts is on and Staggs what Gagai was on.

Roberts should be released well before Gagai, regardless of what either is currently signed for.


It has nothing to do with what those players are “on”
it has everything to do with that they have a Valid Contract for 2021.
You can’t force players out if they don’t want to go.

If the club genuinely doesn’t want a player they can tell them, you won’t be re-signed so therefore give them the option to leave early if they can get a deal elsewhere.


Staggs isn’t what we need, a bloody good player to be sure, but I’d rather we hold on to our own talent.

Let’s just keep Suaalii, AJ, Graham, Gags, Roberts and Paulo. That’s 6 high quality outside backs.

Lowe, Allan and Burns are surplus.


Staggs is twice the player that Roberts is.

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If this story is true and he wants out, Souths must explore every option to get Staggs. He is one hell of a player and would add a lot to our squad.


Recency bias. They’re in the same class.

Boy would i like to see him join Souths.
I’m going to envy whichever club ends up getting him.


Hey 3_Hats, who are you referring to ‘Nobodies’ in your list of not being re-signed?

Staggs reminds me of a modern day Paul Sait, hard umcomprising and tough and can kick goals.

He would be good in the centres at Souths, if he leaves may only go down the road to the Gold Coast.

Roberts has scored two tries in 18 games for us in half a season across two years, Staggs has scored 7 tries this year alone.

Staggs is also six years younger.


Agree but Gagai schooled him on Friday. I haven’t seen Gagai defend so stoutly as he did on Friday.


Thanks for explaining how a contract works.

I specifically replied to Pablo in regards to who I’d be keeping given their respective stints at Souths.

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