Just ordered mine


So A-K get home jersey L-Z get away with TCL on it. Looks ugly - I’d prefer the home black one - damn my name

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I’m also N-Z also perfer black rabbit but just to have your name on jumper, I’m humble with that.

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The email from the club says this:

Names will be printed on the Jersey in alphabetical order, with surnames between A & M being printed on the Home jersey & N - Z printed on the away jersey.

I’m all good. :grinning:

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I’m in the next round, but I think I’ll give it a miss, I can only wear one jumper at a time. If anyone wants me to personally autograph theirs just PM me.

Pass… weird

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Hope they have enough room for my names (2 middle names)…

Only just saw this catching up on my emails.

I get the black home one :smiley:

They were originally going to have a special jersey for people who chose to upgrade their membership to a higher pay bracket (not changing up the membership level, just paying more)…I take it that wasn’t a raging success so they’re doing this one instead?

Still, I’ll probably get one.

I don’t even like all the sponsors plastered on my jumper ( why I haven’t bought one since Smiths Crisps) let alone having all these names all over it, I couldn’t think of much worse actually

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They should give them away as a gift for our heart problems during the year!

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Just received an email to confirm my name, where we look at a list of members who have pledged their 2020 memberships and there are 12,577 names on the list. A-K has 6,209 names, L-Z has 6,368 names

Whilst my name is on the away jumper (white), I do get to have my name along with these names

John Sutton (most probably the player but same name)
Blake Solly
Ray Martin
and a couple of Rabbitts
and a ton of Smiths!

I have a 1998 jersey with no sponsors at all. But it is starting to show it’s age, the number and lettering is peeling off, so it is time to retire it fully.

The first Souths jersey to feature the number 38 on the back to denote of the bay we sat in - 1999 Round 2 vs Canberra at SFS.

My A-K is on its way…you bloody beauty lol.