Jordan Mailata

Malaita is on the field now for Philadelphia, against San Francisco, in their offensive line. No. 68. He looks to be the biggest unit in his team and that is saying something!


Hope he claims the spot. Good luck to him.

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Big unit indeed! This game is still in progress. Eagles up 25-14 late in the 4th quarter but the 49ers just scored.

Eagles won :hot_face:

Any commentary on his performance ?

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He plays in a position where he can’t do much except block his opponent from getting to the quarterback. He doesn’t touch the ball or catch it even. He played his part well.


Thanks mate. I just did a bit of googling on the game. Overall went pretty good except for 1 false start penalty…not sure how big a deal that is though.

I think a false start is an automatic 1st-down (i think they call it)

It is, together with a 5 yard penalty. A team has 5 downs (completed tackle to us) in which to advance the ball 10 yards and when they get that the down count starts again.

I recall that Jarryd Haynes NFL career came to an end due to one too many turnovers (possession losses). That’s considered poison in the NFL and as a rookie he burned his chances after a few games.

4 downs not 5… and a false start causes the attacking team to move 5 yards backwards and replay the down they are on…

Jordan did well for his first start, and should get more downs over the remainder of the season… it’s going to take time though for him to excel (if at all)… he is not only learning a new sport and position, but also has to learn a playbook that kids in the US Elgin to understand from a very young age


I’ve checked that out and a set goes for up to 5 downs. Most teams go for the kick after 4 because if they don’t make the ten yards by 5 they hand over the ball at that spot and that puts them at a disadvantage.

Mailata played every offensive snap at left tackle for them, which is the most important position on the offensive line alongside centre (snap-caller). His QB is right handed, meaning that he is facing to his right side for any passing play and thus makes Mailata his blindside blocker. This basically means that he has to block any defensive rushers that come from where the QB can’t see them or avoid them unlike the favoured right side.

For a project player he’s doing great considering that he was thrown directly into the starting job after a lot of injuries on the Eagles offensive line. He didn’t let up a sack and monstered most of his defensive player assignments, but there were obviously some lapses of skill due to his overall inexperience in gridiron and the NFL. The Eagles original starting left tackle, Jason Peters, was placed on IR meaning that Mailata has around 4-6 weeks minimum to cement his starting spot.


100%… having so much time before Peters is back will really help him. Its one thing to run reps against the practice squad and the occasional rep in the game, but to have constant reps against the best will be fantastic.

We’ll agree to disagree then. You hand the ball over at the end of the 4th down, if you dont make it past the 1st down line.


Hahahaha what are you talking about Son?

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I happen to be correct so you can stop your trolling. In the game against San Francisco, Philadelphia had two fourth down attempts and were successful with both; San Francisco had one but were unsuccessful.

So, as with your bitcoin nonsense, you should get yourself educated about American football.

Errr, sorry @Clive but there’s no such thing as a 5th down mate. I’ve been following the NFL since Don Lane had a weekly highlights package on the ABC.

Teams have four attempts to advance the ball 10 yards to earn a fresh set of downs. Have a quick look the link below. Note the words error and blunder in the opening preamble.