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Regarding the last image, the word “would” concerns me. He probably means, if the money was right…

That would is to say if the club continue to offer opportunity around market value, he’d want to stay.

If we signed a gun 2nd rower and put Su’a on the bench, he’d leave shortly after for the same reason as AD.

Jaydn is developing into a damn good quality second rower and I think the role is his for at least 5 years, so our extension offer should fit accordingly. (Not saying the contract would be that length, BTW).

If the contract is fair, I think we keep him.


Thanks Serendipity. Lot of work in that.


IMO Jaydn Su’A is one of the core players who we should aim to lock in for the next 4 or 5 seasons. He adds that element of aggression which really complete our pack. I just worry that once Wayne moves on we may lose this type of player who clearly are drawn to play for him…we need to be super careful with how we handle that situation.


Souths have been in talks for a while with Jaydn and we would need to do something drastically wrong for him to leave. Yes the Cocks would love to take him but fuck so would all other clubs.
I can tell you all now that I’d be shocked if he left and expect him to be announced as extended over the next few weeks.


So if the chooks offered say 750k for 3 seasons & we offer 600k , will he stay?

Money obviously talks, but my understanding Bawdy, is that if we are fair with the offer, S’uA wants to be at Souths long term and wants to be coached by JD.


Certainly hope so as i’m a big fan.


Me too, he’s only going to get better. He’s only a pup and has ball skills before and after the line we’ve barely had a glimpse of.


Jaydn Su’A has some intimidation factor about him. We need that to be better in the bigger games. Re-signing Su’A will also erase the butt-hurt of losing that rah rah fucker.

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Seriously…think it is pretty definite. He would love to stay here.


If we lose Su’A there’s something wrong with the board

It actually a silly question to ask. What can any player genuinely reply?

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Fair point. Having another look at his response, he used the word “love” a couple of times, which he didn’t have to say if he was not very committed to the club…