James Roberts Granted Release On Compassionate Grounds


James Roberts Granted Release On Compassionate Grounds


South Sydney Rabbitohs

Tue 3 Nov 2020, 12:00 PM

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have released James Roberts from the final year of his playing contract on compassionate grounds, in a decision agreed by both the player and the Club.

Rabbitohs CEO, Blake Solly, said: “We’ve held many discussions and meetings with James, his family and his representatives over recent months about a path forward for James.

“James is an elite athlete and he certainly could play at the highest levels of the game in the NRL again.

“James and his family will always be Rabbitohs, and we will continue to support them as he looks to continue his career.”

With the support of Souths, I am working closely with professionals to get myself healthy and into a position where I can play my best footy and support my family.

James Roberts

“Souths have been very supportive during this period, helping me to focus on the recovery from my pec injury and providing support for Anna, me and the kids.”


Farewell Jet once a Rabbitoh always a rabbitoh. Pity your return didn’t work out but thats footy. He got to pull on our colours again.


Wishing him the best of luck, couldn’t find his stripes here with us and that’s unfortunate but hopeful Jimmy can manage the struggles he deals with and prosper at another club



Good luck Jimmy, wishing you all the best.

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James Roberts at his peak is one of the best things to watch in an NRL game. I hope he gets back to that point again one day, even if it’s with another team


Best of luck in the future to the Jet

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Sounds like he’s been taken off the books to get help & the club is providing it, seems he’ll be around still if that’s the case, if he was to improve, which is not likely in the short term given his history, I suppose it’s always possible to get him back on the pitch, but economically it makes sense for Souths to free up the space obviously

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Very sad to see him go but moreso hoping he can get to a space and live life to its fullest for him and his family.
Thank you Jimmy.
My eyes always lit up every time the ball came into your hands expecting something only you could deliver.


My first footage of Jimmy was the Preliminary Final of the NYC comp in 2010 and saw his 110 metre try from in the in-goal, I thought to myself then this kid is going to be a superstar and whilst honestly i thought he might of gotten a little further with his football his trademark speed on his day was an absolute sight to watch.

Whatever he does, wherever he goes - He’s had a pretty fair career representing his state, played for his people and won some individual accolades along the way including Dally M Centre of The Year with the Titans.

Good Luck Jimmy, Always a Bunny.


It would be nice if they could find a role at the club. I wonder how much cap space that frees up?

From an outsider’s point of view i have a feeling he is leaning towards early retirement and that would be perfect for him i think.

He’s come a very long way from 10 years ago when he first left us for the wrong reasons, This time he is leaving us on his terms - I think being in that Youth advisor sort of role surrounding our Juniors would suit him to a tee, That experience where things took a wrong turn and he got himself back in the right lane would be a priceless lesson for young boys (or girls) that is starting to head towards the wrong path.

Of course, I’ll be equally as supportive if he continues his playing career, he’s absolutely got something left to give on the field but i’ve had mental issues and they are hard to overcome, I can’t imagine what 10 years of Football can do for you and he might be at that point where he is exhausted - Physically if he can get his head in the game he can be a really valuable pick-up for any team.


All the best Jet I hope things work out for you.

A shame things had to end with us like this.


Indeed. We all knew we had a genuine superstar on our hands when he was playing NYC. One of my other all time highlights (as a GENERAL Souths moment) was also young Jimmy vs the Warriors.

Good luck to him. As has been mentioned a few times, the decision seems amicable. Both parties seem to accept that this is what is best for him. I’m not the biggest ‘believer’ in social media, but the recent pictures of him seem to suggest he is relatively at peace. Being able to put his hand up and say that he would rather sort himself out than get paid half a million dollars speaks volumes, imo. I don’t think Jimmy would have done that, not too long ago.

Would have loved to have kept him…but we all win.


I’ll ask the question. Last week he was being shopped around, today he is officially released on compassionate grounds. The 2 do not sit well together. Either way the outcome is the same so it’s just thanks and good luck.

Love to have seen him on the wing for us as he was not suited to centre IMO.

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He needs to keep active I think, seems to get into trouble if he’s not playing or inactive, that said he needs to get all the demons under control for his long term health

Just take into account the official word from Souths, the crap about him being shopped around is just gossipy bullshit, forget that


@MarchingOn spot on. I am surprised that no has a go at journos legally over this sort of crap. It is very damaging stuff. Damaging to the club and player involved.


I was excited for his return to the club and while we only caught a few glimpses of his brilliant best I’ll still miss him. The Jet is one of the most exciting players to watch and I hope he gets himself right.


Remember when he came into grade playing outside GI on the wing. Once the ball got to him it was shut the gate. Thanks jimmy, great memories in your early days with us.