Is Walker Even Playing?

Anyone seen him tonight? FMD.

Not sure.

doesn’t matter now.

Thought he tried hard. We were on the back foot most of the night. We looked cooked. Week off is huge.


I loathe sore losers, we tried hard & have over achieved. Fuck off the knockers & bring on 2021.


Love walker, he did well


Walker tried hard all game behind a pack going backwards .


Walker had a decent game, to suggest anything else is ridiculous.

They were off side all night and gave him nothing.
Once they changed there style in the second half he was the only one who looked dangerous and set anything we did up


We played against the best and most consistent side this year and just got done. A few less errors and it could have been different. Sometimes the other team is just better …like tonight.


Were you watching SBS?


Sorry, but from where I was sitting at the game, he didn’t look for the hall, and dropped it twice in attacking positions. He’s lucky Allen kicked ahead and scored; a terrible ball.

Who here truly thinks we will win a GF with him at 6? Honestly? We have no hope!

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Don’t tell bugs that

Walker made a couple of errors in the first half but otherwise tried hard like the rest of the side.


You don’t think that the 'riff had us covered, mostly?


Walker tried hard. He did not go missing. Panthers did well to mostly control him and credit to them they have been the best defensive side all year.
Think about last week. The eels ganged up on him and what happened…Cook ran amok through the middle.
Difference tonight was the ref took care of Cook himself by allowing the panthers to hold us down in the ruck. So very few fast play the balls and only one 6-again. The panthers didn’t have to worry about Cook this game thanks to Sutton.
Now in every game the refs award a couple early to set a bit of a standard to keep the teams honest. Watch the panthers very first defensive set of the game. Three blatant hold downs and nothing. It’s almost like they knew in advance how it would be played (one for the conspiracy lovers).
Who knows why it was referred so differently to last week; but it took one of our attacking weapons and in hot form player Cook out of the game. That didn’t make things easier for Walker.


Get off his back. Jack Wighton has been great all year for Canberra as well but had a quiet game last night. Sometimes the game just doesn’t go your way and no matter what you do it just doesn’t work. There were lots of reasons why we lost tonight. Walker wasn’t in the top 10.


To Penrith’s credit they had Walker covered big time. Obviously a lot of effort went into their training sessions on how to diffuse Walker and our attack on that left edge. I thought also he was solid in defence.

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I agree They held us down all night and got away with it.


DITTO. There’s a reason you received 18 thumbs up for your post.
We lost by 4 fucking points fielding a patched up back line and then losing Totola and Sirro.
That made it 6 run on players not there against a Panthers only missing Kikau and the week off which proved significant.
Cody made a couple of errors but had a strong game otherwise.
Disappointed but very proud this morning as a Rabbitoh supporter after what our boys put in last night.
So to the BumperBunnies of this world, you are way off the mark.


Well that was an anti-climax.