Is the Salary Cap Failing?

The point of a salary cap was to give an even spread of talent across the 16 teams,… I am not sure how long Third party payments have been around for, but they actually work against the very ethos of the Cap, for E.G. it was reported on Fox that Brisbane have around $2,000,000.oo in third party arrangements which was said to be the highest of any club, and some clubs were as low as $200,000.oo… if this is true , clubs such as Brisbane and Melbourne and others are at a massive advantage from other clubs given their geographical situation.
Is it me, or is this just a ridiculous situation ?, surely the plusses of third party payments are blown away with what the cap was supposed to do in the first place.
What do you think?

Go the Rabbits


I think it’s working beautifully for some clubs. The high profile, and one city team clubs who can attract the best third party agreements for their players. It will never be an equal playing field while we have so many clubs in Sydney.


Third party deals should be part of the cap. Problem solved.


Maybe TPDs should be capped.

That’s not going to happen whilst uncle Nic runs the NRL

The whole salary cap system is a red herring that paints a picture the NRL wants everyone to see and believe to divert attention from the real problem. The clubs with money and big backers don’t care about a salary cap when they have 3pas at their disposal. The 3pa rules are a legal loophole for the richer clubs to pay players what they want. We are still in a system where cash is king and the wealthier and more powerful clubs are dominating without fear. It’s such a joke within club land that most CEOs know that unless the media or a third party find a cashbook or an informer with hard evidence then nothing will or can be done by the NRL. The only clubs who have been caught out have been clubs with ex employees at seniors levels informing on them through the media.


It looks like a Super system for some super teams

Its got Murdoch all over it

The salary cap is a farce! If the aim is to spread playing talent evenly the all players should be conbtracted tto the NRL & then sub-contracted to the clubs. This would provide greater transparency around club spending & allow the NRL to oversee player movements.


Ironically, the teams that were caught breaking the cap had success shortly there after. Parramatta is surely due then.
How can that be fair?
When the very best talent is continually snapped up by the same clubs means there is something not right.

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I agree with all the above but at some stage we all have to realise that life isn’t fair.

Nothing is fair and never will be and to think that the NRL is going to break this inherent reality of life is just ludicrous.

Rugby League has always been ruled by those who are the most predatory and the most aggressive. (off the field)
I can’t see that ever changing

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This thread is like reading my posts from ten years ago.

The only answer to the farce that is IMO destroying our game is to introduce a points based system run in conjunction with a salary cap.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen!

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Just put a cap on TPA’s of 2 million for every club and all details made public like the NFL , If a club gets caught cheating all points taken off that club and 10 points taken off for the start of the next season after that . So effectively no finals footy for 2 seasons .

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The nrl claim its working because every year there has been a different winner. But they ignore the same teams being in the top 8 each year

Put any sort of cap in place and you need to police it

They can’t police the current one

Could we establish a 3pa only points system ?

I don’t think you can limit a person’s earnings or limit the amount of money that the nrl attract…ergo a limit on tpa won’t work. And a tpa limit cannot be enforced. Likewise history tells us clubs will cheat a salary cap.

The answer for me is a points system with transparent criteria. Something along the lines of a 5 cap SOO half over the last 3 years is 30 points, a first year rookie with no rep is 5 points, a “b” level international (eg France) is 8 points. Discounts for juniors and long termers. Points would be assessed efeective 1 January so clubs don’t go over cap when a player gets rep honours mid year.

It wouldn’t be perfect and the points table may be extensive but if properly constructed it would be transparent and enforceable.

Scrap the TPA’s, have 1 marquee player no cap per club, raise the cap and long serving players payments.Simple fix, fair to everyone.

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The only way you can even the comp is by having a player draft.

Face the facts, draft don’t work, points won’t work, no cap won’t work.
When it comes to money… just face it the rich teams will win.
Get used to…

The only team that should be number 1 and has the best opportunity to exploit the cap is the warriors.

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Instead of us sitting on our hands and saying how unfair the third party agreents are why do we just play the same game.
Surely our brand the either the highest or second highest membership.
One of the most reconisable emblem and 2 very high profile owners we could play the same game.
The.problem.isnt the TPA
Its management not jumping on and arranging such.
Yer yer i know arms length…Bullshit.