Indigenous All Stars vs Maori All Stars

Please post all pre-game, during game & post game comments regarding this match here.

Curious to see how Mitchell goes at FB.

As an aside, I love the concept of Indigenous vs Maori more than Indigenous vs Other NRL all stars.


Fuck I love Issac :muscle:


That… was awesome. I love a good Haka.

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How awkward were Erin & Joey at the intro??

They must be emotionally exhausted after that. So intense!

I don’t think it would be emotionally exhausting, just the opposite. I can’t think of a better way to fire yourself up.

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DWZ scores in the corner after some questionable but acceptable play on calls.

Great work by JAC - a trysaving intercept on the right, despite being the left winger.

Plenty of space down Roberts/Ferguson channel in the first 10 minutes already

Roberts off?

They are rotating like mad due to it being unlimited

Curran scores for the Indigenous boys, next to the posts. Great offload by Kerr. Tyrone Roberts converts.

6-6 in the final minutes of the first quarter.

A good play by AJ

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Ok cool cool. Was thinking piss off don’t tell me (you know what)

Yep. Unlimited interchange and 7 man bench.

The captains challenge doesn’t last long.

I didn’t catch the start but from what I’ve seen AJ looks very good in attack


Is Latrell playing? :flushed:

Tyrone Roberts has impressed me. Very underrated I reckon