Host with most to prove: Jacob jumps at chance with Rabbitohs

Host with most to prove: Jacob jumps at chance with Rabbitohs


Alicia Reporter

Sat 27 Feb 2021, 07:01 AM

Alicia Newton

South Sydney’s impressive recruitment drive was headlined by Benji Marshall, Josh Mansour and Jai Arrow but lower-profile signing Jacob Host is ready to make a big impact at Redfern.

He is one of “a host” of key arrivals over the off-season in a bid to help end a three-year preliminary final run with a grand final appearance.

The retirements of Sam Burgess and John Sutton, and the defection of Angus Crichton to the Roosters, have left a hole in the Rabbitohs’ edge stocks in previous years.

Cameron Murray spent time at back row last season but is now likely to remain in the middle following Host’s arrival, while Jaydn Su’A showed promise during his first complete campaign with the club.

With Su’A likely to take control on the right edge, Host has been training predominantly on the left alongside Cody Walker, Dane Gagai and Alex Johnston.

“I feel like there’s a massive opportunity there to take that spot and it’s solely on me to do that,” Host told

“There’s a lot of talent everywhere you look so I’ll try and do my job the best I can. If I can just keep working hard I might bear some fruit for my labour.”

Host will line up against his former teammates in Mudgee on Saturday night after the 24-year-old played 51 games for the club over a five-year period.

Unwanted under Paul McGregor’s tenure, Host was approached by Rabbitohs assistant Jason Demetriou, who worked with the former Australian Schoolboy representative while both were at the Illawarra Cutters in 2016. understands there was a last-minute bid for Host to remain in the Red V when Anthony Griffin was appointed coach in October, but ultimately Souths had got their man.

“I’m loving every minute so far,” Host said.

"It [the move] has been under the radar a little bit but I do like that. I feel like I needed to take that next step in my career and Souths seemed the best for that.

"There wasn’t any bad blood between the Dragons and me but there just wasn’t a deal at the time and this is where I ended up.

“When JD contacted me during the season and said he wanted me to come over my mind was made up.”


This is one guy I am really looking forward to seeing play. I think he is underrated and will surprise a lot of people


Me too.
When you think of it we have Host and Koloamatangi fighting for the same position.
Now, there’s some genuine depth


Jed Cartwright also.

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Used to be ‘‘Hostess with the most-ess’’…let’s hope it’s ‘‘Host with the most’’


Dam our recruiter did well this year


Jacob Host is a phenomenal athlete. Hopefully he gets the opportunity now to show that on the field. Just like Keaon and Jed they are just absolute freakish athletes with there size, strength and the way they move. It’s just a matter of also being able to put those tools to use when it counts.


Just curious, as I haven’t seen a heap of him. What is it about him that is freak athlete?

With Sua and Arrow starting slowly and Jed and Sele TBA, Host has a chance to grab a spot.


End of video, commentator says ‘‘he could well become a household name in years to come’’…let’s hope so

with Su’A b there is a possibility he could go, there are clubs interested in him and he is yet to re sign.

I watched him play for the cutters back on 2016, he goes alright

Host killed it tonight. A big headache for Bennett with the starting pack and more importantly the bench. Nicholls, Host and Arrow deserve to be their after tonight, which means Benji will be competing with the likes of Knight for that last spot.


Tom was a standout in the forwards with Host not far behind him IMO.


I think Arrow and Host start off the bench will be good
Tom and Junior were great for all 40 min first half

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Host had 12 runs for 124m 10 meters + every run, very impressed with him


As another poster said Host is very agile and tonight just kept moving forward all the time

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My Round 1 Forward Pack

  1. Tom Burgess
  2. Damien Cook
  3. Junior Tatola
  4. Jaydn Su’A
  5. Keaon Koalamatangi
  6. Cameron Murray

14. Benji Marshall
15. Jai Arrow
16. Liam Knight
17. Jacob Host

Back up
18. Mark Nicholls

Hard to keep Nicholls out of the side as he was also very impressive but Host played so well. Based on how Knight performs Nicholls may take his spot.


Nicholls in Benji 18th man otherwise agree