Group 9 Grand Final

Hi fellow Warreners, I have a dilemma and I’m hoping someone can help me. My father-inlaw is a country boy and he loves the Gundagai Tigers. He’s hoping to watch the GF this afternoon, on my computer. I’d love him to see it but, I don’t know how to get it on there. I would be very grateful for any assistance given.
Thanks, KR.

From what i’ve come across so far their is a radio call of it here ->

I could of sworn i saw something a while ago that Group GF’s were going to be video streamed but that would of been a month ago and i might of been imagining it.

Try here

Great find thanks.

Thanks QR for the info, the old fella sat in the big chair in my office and loved it. Especially since the Tigers got up.
Again thanks for all your help.

Thanks JR for your help, it was much appreciated.

Flogged 'em!