Grand Final: Panthers vs Storm -- Pre Match Discussion

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Klein must be gutted…but I’m not.

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I hope the Panthers win, only because they’ve won fewer premierships than the Storm, thus their tally’s further away from South Sydney’s. Other than that, I’ve little interest, and just hope for an entertaining game.


Melbourne 13 plus

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The Storm are absolute specials to win on Sunday. Those blokes will make sure of it to send Cameron Smith out with a win and so will Sutton. Hopefully we never ever have to see him on a footy field ever again.
Hopefully Sunday will also be the Storm’s last Premiership for a very very long time. No Smith, JAC and Vunivalu will severely weaken them in 2021.


Penrith will have all the crowd, but Storm will have Cameron Smith and he eats these games.

You have been writing off the Panthers all year mate.

I think the Panthers might just spoil the Smith fairytale.

Kikau is a huge in for them.

The difference between the two teams is Papenhuysen. Storm have too many points in them

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Yeah he’s a great little player.

The experts were talking about Munster needing to be fit for the Storm to win it, but I reckon he would be the player they would miss most along with Smith.

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They’ve already got the $30K ring for Cams wife…Storm to win.

I dont think the storm will give cleary the time we did with his kicks. Think he will be smashed a couple of times and go into his shell.

If Munster is switched on, he will be the difference to the result.

Pennies by a field goal

Please tell someone who cares, Fuck em


They will wrestle each other out

Leg pulls, twists and swinging arms galore.

Panthers are Melbourne 2.0

Hope the panthers win, fuck the storm and its captain fuckwit to go.


Panthers by 8

5-15mm of rain predicted for Saturday.

8-15mm of rain predicted for Sunday.

The wet track still won’t help the Panthers.

The Storm, their captain and coach love this stuff.

They win easy.

This is a really hard game to pick.

But given the likely wet weather, and that to beat Melbourne, Penrith will probably have to move the ball around to break them down (you can’t beat Melbourne playing a structured, low-risk game), I expect Melbourne to prevail by 6-12 pts.

i hope the melbourne forwards run at Luai all game and smash him … cant stand that little arrogant grub