Grand Final: Panthers vs Storm -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 2 hours!

Panthers 17-10 is my tip!

Not fussed on who wins as long as it isn’t the storm.


Storm for me. Watching Gould and Fittler gloating about a Panthers premiership in between gloating about roosters premierships…no thanks.


Well I think I’ve heard it all.

Was listening to the radio in my car and heard an interview with James Tamou.

At one stage the reporter asked him something about the development of his leadership skills this year.

In response he referred to a book he is currently reading.

My haven’t times changed. Can’t imagine the props of yesteryear would have read too many books.

Good on him.


Melbourne by 18

I’ll get pleasure whoever loses. If it’s Melbourne I can watch Cam Smith have a cry and if it’s Penrith I can listen to Gus and Brandy sulk…win win.


Thought you were gonna say imagine props can actually read.

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I have a feeling the Panthers are going to do a New England Patriots. That is win 17 straight games but lose the one that really matters.


I don’t want Penrith to win just because of their association with the Roosters, Gould, Fittler etc…


Fuck em both,won’t be watching.
Go you MIGHTY RABBITOHS :heart::green_heart::rabbit2::trophy:22
Next year!


It’s a tricky one to pick.

Who do I dislike more - Cameron Smith or Gus Gould?


I am that way inclined.

Why Gus Gould?

What about Brian Fletcher?

Don’t be surprised to see Melbourne use the same tactics as the great West Indian sides of the 80s and target the chin.

Storm by 10

I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch or not.

Would people believe last night I finally saw The Godfather for the first time ever?

What’s a better option? Godfather II or a Cameron Smith wankfest?

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I’m watching but already feeling sick in the guts in anticipation of the wankfest.

Regardless of the result it will all be about Cameron Smith at full time.