Grand final next week and fear of COVID

I am hoping we go passed the Panthers tonight, but after last nights debarcle in Brisbane, I will be watching Fox502. No way I will go to western Sydney and risk the issue where they packed thousands into a small space last night. We still have mystery cases of origin of COVID, and at my age the risk doesn’t outweight the possible ends.
How many here are open to the risk if/when we win tonight?

I am going to screen shot the bar code as a backup

Or you can wait at a pub nearby and wait for the gates to open and run in

I doubt the NRL will allow Ticketek to fail like this again

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As much as I’d love to be there I wouldn’t consider even going to Sydney at the moment let alone to use public transport to get a jam packed stadium.

Good on you whoever is going, but not me.

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Lol how paranoid are you blokes. The number is cases is very small and the government wouldn’t be opening and allowing things if it wasn’t safe


Hmmm, let me see…
The chance to witness my beloved team in a Grand Final for the second time since I was 10.
The chance that I could be exposed to a virus that at the moment is a one in a million chance, and I’ll be taking all precautions while at the game.

Enjoy it from home @TheBurma, but I know where I’ll be.


I am not sure there is a “precaution” when you are jam packed on a train and sitting in a full capacity stadium.

It is regular flu season also so you risk getting symptoms which will send you on a two-week holiday from work also.

Don’t act like it will be our last ever GF we could reach and with Latrell back, we could very well get that opportunity next year too.

Each to their own.

I watched the last one live and it was great , but I wouldn’t mind sitting in front of the box this time just to see what that experience is like.

I’m going tonight against my better judgement. I haven’t seen us win a GF qualifier live and if we lose tonight it will be the last one I attend for a while.

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I can understand your concerns, but there has been no case of COVID transmission from outside venue.

I sat next to someone who was Covid positive at my sons soccer game. I was negative, the nurse said that I am more than likely safe as no one has got Covid from outside transmission.

If you are worried wear a mask.

And if you are really worried, then don’t go.

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NSW records 7 coronavirus cases, including 5 local infection
Kathryn Bermingham, NCA NewsWire
October 17, 2020 8:15am

NSW has recorded 7 coronavirus cases in the 24 hours to Friday night, including five which were locally transmitted.

Health authorities say all five cases were linked to a known case or cluster, including three people from a family who attended Greater Beginnings Childcare Centre in Oran Park. Another of Saturday’s new local cases was an educator who works at this centre, NSW Health said.

The fifth locally acquired case on Saturday is a student who attends Oran Park High School.

It comes after one new locally-acquired case was reported in the state on Friday, along with four in hotel quarantine.

The local case was linked to the Lakemba cluster, chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant confirmed during Friday’s media briefing.

NSW earlier this week welcomed the first international flights from New Zealand under the travel bubble arrangement, which means the arrivals are not required to stay in mandatory hotel quarantine for two weeks.

But the program quickly ran into issues, after 17 travellers who landed in Sydney were caught entering Melbourne on day one of the bubble.

IMO I’m more chance of bumping into Roy Orbison, John Lennon or Jimmy Hendrix outside of ANZ Stadium tonight than I am of catching Coronavirus. Unless you are elderly or have a compromised immune system I wouldn’t be too worried. I fully understand some people’s concerns but you also have to live your life and getting out to the footy does wonders for my mental health, especially after an epic win like we will witness tonight.


Every Chuck within me will be there,especially Bad Chuck he really hates that fucking Smith bloke!

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I’m at risk of Covid due to a pre-existing condition, however if we win tonight there’s no way I won’t be trying to get a ticket for next week. I’ll just wear my Rabbitohs mask like Wayne. Have to get past the Panfers first though which won’t be easy.

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Worries about Covid are entirely understandable, especially given the unfolding shit show in Europe, and the continuing one in the Americas. But the risks in Sydney are very low (we haven’t more than 20 transmissions per day - at most - in months) and there will be adequate spacing in the stadium at 50% capacity. The main issues will be getting to and from, but even that is manageable, and I’m sure it will be.

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Chuck back in 2015,Premiers,World Club Champions and the Nines.
Great days ,wouldn’t miss it for quids!


A good Aussie is a cautious Aussie

We are not stupid Americans. Don’t take the risk if you don’t have to, especially if you are older

If you go, mask up, social distance and bring hand wash

Dont try buy tickets at the ground

Exactly right

It’s not a full packed stadium only 50% and at the stadium it self its well spaced out.

Actually the bigger deal was getting into the carpark after the game in the Newcastle game

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Yep at 63 with them finding I have a thing called BradyCardio just this Thursday passed, Im a no show