George Burgess coming back to Australia

We heard today that George is having a hip replacement and heading back to Australia to play??? Has anyone else heard this??


After a hip replacement, I don’t think so.


He wants to come back to AU to have his rehab any way and was adamant about that.

He did quote some Ra Ra guy played again after his hip op.


I hope he retires, he’s a big man, he has kids, surely he will want to be able to run around and play with them, as well as be able to move around himself in his later life.


It’s not a hip replacement… it’s some kind of hip resurfacing if I remember correctly


Let’s hear it for Georgie Boy,hip hip hooray!


Can’t play after a hip replacement. More often then not you have knee issues also. He’s done. But hey, Manly can have him.

You can definitely play again after hip surgery

Go watch the Undertakers interview with Joe Rogan about how much hip surgeries saved his wrestling career. While not as full contact as rugby league, he is a much older man still having to throw himself up and down a ring


It is settled then George is joining the WWE after his surgery George “The Thrower” Burgess.

I think this is exactly what George is having done as well.

Hope he recovers well.

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Signature move is the bottle throw

At the moment it more about Georges long term health

He’d be moving back for the sun and surf😄

It’s basically the same thing. Tough to come back from. I would back him out on that one

Hi @Guru

I think I also read that he chose this type of procedure after talking to a Rugby guy who had the procedure.
The Rugby guy made a comeback and played for many years.

Who knows? Gurgess may be thinking comeback