Gav gets Marched

I could name 4 or 5 worst than Gav


There is too much politics in the ref ranks and Badger was not in the Sutton camp.

I assume Klein is.


Quality Souths ref, quality Souths man.

He is far from the worst ref in the NRL ranks that’s for sure.


yeah way to go, lot’s of blunders going on within the ranks so let’s get rid of one of the better ones. That way the others won’t look so bad.

Badger is the best ref in the game. Sutton brothers and Archer hate him but.


It’ll come out eventually why he was chosen over other nufties

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When they talk about a boys club in the refereeing ranks it’s a concern.

Why do you need a boys club in a job that is supposed to be impartial?


Is anything ever impartial?

People always have their favourites - from big business to under 6 footy.

It is and always will be the way.

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You can never get rid of subconscious bias totally.

I feel like the referees group have a flawed approach to dealing with bias. They seem to try and level penalty counts to appear fair. This just prompts the storm and roosters to commit as many atrocities as possible and then take advantage of the ‘even up’ penalties.

In our recent game against the storm it was a string of even up penalties that killed us. Otherwise we would’ve won…


Weren’t they telling us that there was no one else to do the bunker job? That’s why Maxwell is still there.


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Good interview this morning on BSB

Ever wondered what it’s like to referee Cameron Smith? We asked Gavin Badger if he’s as bad as everyone says. He also reveals the biggest pest he’s refereed & the player comes as no surprise, plus he reflects on his career & where to next.

Click here to listen to the interview

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Talk about trying to over complicate things. I reckon the average footy fan who knows the game could be trained up for that role In a couple of hours tops. What a ridiculous assertion from Annesley. He’s a complete failure in that role.


The problem isn’t the referee’s, it’s the media & commentators.

The rules are there in black & white to officiate to, but it’s the people with agendas on how they want the game run that ruin it.

The referee’s are in a no win situation…


The rules are in black and white with 50 shades of grey. :joy:

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Keep saying it nobody listens,Annesley is a Shire politician.
He would steel a lollipop from a baby Hobbit for the right price!

Roosters injury report after R 20.

Jake Friend - concussion with tests to follow.
Ashley Klein - slight hamstring strain with the roosters sweating on his recovery in time for the finals.