Gagai charged

Looks like Gagai has been charged with a Grade 1 striking charge

200 points plus 20% loading or 240 points

Throwing a ball gets this yet Brooks who got Gagai clean on the jaw got nothing


Early plea 180 points and one week I think.

Has Brooks been charged?

I bet not.

Unbelievable. Does the MRC. wrot continue. Unjust.

Do u fight it cause i can’t see him throwing a punch. Brooks clipped him on the jaw and not charged MRC is corrupt.

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I think Gags threw one or 2 and threw the ball at Brooks, just take the week.

They are corrupt.

Funny how Kaufusi got off for striking Reyno last week.


Just shows how arbitrary the judiciary are. Wouldn’t trust them with the time of day.


I have to admit, it would be harder to miss than to hit that enormous forehead of Brooks’

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Anti- South’s for sure now. Proof is in the pudding in this one. Can’t wait for explanation from the NRL ?


If the charge is striking, can someone show us where it happened?

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Brooks just got charged one min ago, thank goodness for that.


It’s being said that Gagai threw uppercuts after Brooks punched him in that pile on, no idea if true because I can’t see buck all. Gagai didn’t seem to argue the binning so maybe he threw them.

They have to have evidence, Gagai threw punches. Brooks coming out of the brawl with a swollen eye , is not evidence that Gagai punched Brooks .
We have to view there evidence and decide whether to challenge.

You can see Gagai’s upper body motion swinging side to side which looks like uppercuts. He was plain dumb and like in Mitchell’s case deserves the suspension.


Gagai could have been just weaving to avoid Brooks’ punches.
I’m assuming either the ref saw himself or there is incriminating video footage not shown on the broadcast last night.


Go back to the beginning and the incident doesn’t happen.
Gagai was 100% square at marker and actually did a great job to get back square at marker. He was then incorrectly penalised for not being square and then it kicks off. I think the bloke punching back and being the same charge as the initial person is bullshit. If I was the first to be punched, I’d be fucking swinging as well.


Coach needs to tell our players not to get sucked in, especially next week against a team that isn’t playing finals.

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Let’s face it Brooks throw punchers every body saw it. For Gagai to be the only one suspended it smells of anti-Rabbitohs to me.

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If you looked at what happened beforehand, Brooks got man handled in a Gagai tackle which caused a turn over which the ref ruled as a penalty.
Brooks was obviously mad for getting dumped onto the ground and was looking for a stink.

Poor Brooks lost the game and the fight :kissing_closed_eyes:


Not too concerned,it’s no coincidence the edge defence was back to shit with the return of Gagai,I hope Melbourne chase him hard as an Ado Carr replacement