Full-time whistle for a sad fairytale

Full-time whistle for a sad fairytale



Burgess divorce finalised at Xmas

THE one-time fairytale relationship of NRL star Sam Burgess and ex Phoebe is officially over.

The Daily Telegraph understands it was just before Christmas that a divorce order was issued, 14 months after the couple separated.

From start to finish, the marriage lasted five years almost to the day with the couple having wed in a lavish ceremony in December 2015.

Neither party would comment when contacted.

The pair have two children – daughter Poppy and son Billy.

Financials from the separation were sorted in April.

They sold their Lurline Bay, Maroubra, home for $5m last January, $1.2m more than they paid for it in 2016.

Former South Sydney captain Burgess, 31, also owned an F45 gym in Bowral, which was put into Phoebe’s name as part of the settlement and sold not long after for $250,000.

Phoebe, who worked as a junior in magazines before embarking on an influencer career, also kept her Range Rover, estimated to be worth about $100,000.

Phoebe is based in Bowral with the couple’s two young children, living at her parents’ estate there.

When in Sydney, she stays in Bellevue Hill, where her father – former Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Mitchell Hooke – owns a two-bedroom apartment.

Burgess, meanwhile, lives in a rented apartment in Coogee with his brother Luke and still owns a two-bedroom apartment in Little Bay, where his mother Julie lives.

The expat Brit, who won the NRL premiership with the Rabbitohs in 2014, retired from rugby league in late 2019 after a career-ending shoulder injury.

It has been a difficult path to divorce for the pair, who remain embroiled in a bitter court battle after Burgess was charged with intimidation and a back-up charge of common assault against Phoebe’s father following a verbal altercation at the Hooke family property.

Burgess pleaded not guilty and the matter was part-heard in November, and is scheduled to resume at Moss Vale Local Court on January 22.

Last week, Phoebe shared a series of personal images to social media, referring to one as the lowest point in life.

In what looks to be around the time of the couple’s split, she captioned an image of herself holding her young daughter while heavily pregnant, in response to a request for a photo at her “lowest when nobody knew”.

Another shot, in which she is holding her baby son Billy, with her eyes looking as if she had been crying, was captioned with “heartbreak”.

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This publicity craving and media manipulator would do well to make her own mark and stop trading on Sam’s achievements.
If she was so upset about her children why doesn’t she create a happy environment where her kids are not torn between their parents.
It would also be more than helpful if their grandfather had not sworn to destroy their father.


I have been divorced 3 times and there was nothing in the paper about that!
Seriously he has dodged a bullet with this one. What is her career? Influencer? Give me a fucking break. I call her Puddles. She is as shallow as one.


An Influencer is that what used to be called a Confidence trickster or an Urger WTF.


Do you reckon Sam may have had just a little to do with the breakup of his marriage?
Then again Phoebe never played for Souths.


No… not at all.

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Please OWR. Sam has conducted himself well post break up. Who knows what happens behind closed doors.
However his ex’s actions speaks volumes about what might have gone on behind doors.Collaborating with her mentor and close friend the Australian journalist to splash unsubstantiated and highly damaging claims about Sam all over the world before the divorce is finalised and custody finalised.
When ask in court if she leaked the stories and did she think it would damage Sam’s reputation. She replied yes to both questions
She has received 70% of the couples wealth and has admitted her actions could destroy his reputation.
He stood down as Souths assistant coach and as a Fox presenter
She has continued her social media campaign to gain sympathy.
I think her actions speak for themselves.


Perhaps it was the way he conducted himself during the marriage that has made her so angry. But as you say who knows what happened. That’s why I can’t cop a one sided attack.
Leave it to the courts.


Change her name from Phoe-be to Wanna-be

Why hasn’t she changed her surname?


That’ll be easy…Hook to Sook

Why cast aspersions against Sam ? Aren’t the Hook family and News LTD doing a good enough job .
What about the one sided attack on Sam .
Do you have any problems with that


I was interested in the fact that this article and one about a week ago where she was showing sad pictures of her and the kids have received negative responses. The comments section in both were about 80% along the lines of why does she still use the Burgess name, and this is all trying to gain her status as a social Influencer more traction, and two sides to every story. None were rude but hinted at her mercenary nature

Fair bit of sympathy for Sam as well.


She also made claims about our club.
I hope they are dealt with accordingly.


Kenoath. I think Phoebe dodged the bullet, way too good for him.

I’ve never seen Phoebe win a premiership?

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Dude you’re on the wrong site. Go and hold Billy Smith’s hand and see if you can find a principle between you.


how much fun would they have gossiping! maybe a slumber party as well, they can giggle away and think about others lives they wish to fuck over

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Hook Line & Sinker

Yes , the club may get 50% of her 70%.

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