Fonua-Blake Granted Permission To Leave Manly

Whoever posted about AFB and Souths talking to him, bravo (although no mention of us in the pretty generic article)

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Yes exactly. Odd about the non Sydney teams but I was told we were in discussions with his manager.

Not really
He is moving out of sydney


Huge loss for Manly.

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Moving out of Sydney so we are no chance. I’d say Warriors will get him.

Yeah, i missed that part in the OP.

Whilst he’d be handy, I don’t think his position is high priority for us.

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I find the Sydney bit very odd. I know we have been in chats with his manager for a little while. It went cold but raised its head again in the past few weeks. Unless shit has changed (could’ve) and he now wants out

Sounds like Broncos to me

Broncos said no

Hope AFB is singing Botany Road in his head.


How could we afford to sign him? I thought he was just recently re-signed by Manly for $850K per season. Would love to get him but just can’t see it happening.
My bet would be he goes to the Cowboys. They are looking at letting McGuire go and AFB would be the ideal replacement.


Last time i checked Souths is in Sydney so he won’t be coming to Souths.

I thought we were from Brisbane?

It mentions reason is moving out of sydney so not coming here

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And Kempsey is in Queensland.

Your a crack up

Imagine if we he went to titans there 7 supporters would be going on like there gonna win the comp

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Fuck they’d have the best pack going around if he did. They will be decent next year the Tits

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Didn’t someone say we had spoken with his mgt… must have got their info mixed

Making room for Siro