Hope you’re all surviving the floods ok.


I cannot believe they have left it this long to release the Warragamba dam. My brother lives on the Hawkesbury river and they are in deep shit, just like many others.

How much smarts do some of these people have to wait until it’s full and flooding to release the water. An expert said they knew six months ago that this weather was on its way.

Our premier Glady’s said they would of had to lower the levels to 25% full to accommodate this rain then we could face the risk running out. Bugger me Glady’s but you don’t have to release all the water in one go. I’m no expert but couldn’t you lower the levels to roughly 75-80% every second week so we don’t have to go through what we currently are.

Anyway that’s just my opinion. Best of luck to everyone.


As of last Monday I own a place in Wingham. The plan is to retire there sooner or later. It’s on a couple of acres just out of town.
On Saturday we drove 4 hours to Wingham with a Van full of belongings to pick the keys up and stay the night. We had to turnaround and drive back. The rest is history. We can’t find out for sure but our place is not mentioned on the flood report.


I agree that it’s a bit frustrating, but as you point out, you are no expert (and nor am I), and presumably those that are are working from the best information available for them. The areas currently at risk of being flooded are in a natural flood plain, and with the best will in world, sometimes there is just too much rain for the river system to cope with, dam or no dam. This has been a one-in-50 year event (at least), and so some flooding is inevitable.

All that said, my heart goes out to those affected, and I hope they get away with minimal damage and no loss of life.

The Hawkesbury area is like a massive lake at the moment.

This is a pic of our home ground out here


Carnage on the Hawkesbury where I am. My yacht got hit by a huge debris field and dragged the mooring over a mile. Had to cut it free before it sank. Saved the boat, lost the mooring. I’ve spent since 7am helping save other islanders’ boats. Crazy stuff floating by- fridges, couches and even a complete kids playground. Tomorrow will be worse.


Stay safe everyone up in the flooded areas.

Take care DD. And look after my colleague (and Dangar resident) Wendy!

Take care. Sorry about your losses. Our thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

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Ha! I’ve been friends with Wendy for 25 years. I’ll tell her George Treweek says hi… :joy: :rofl:

Holy crap cakes, Dave!
Bless your heart for helping others after suffering a loss yourself.
And please don’t do anything too risky - floating fridges are nothing to mess with.

Sending prayers for everyone in the affected areas.


I am over the bullshit. NRMA for the past 20 years have attempted to increase our home insurance by as much as 10x saying we are in a flood zone. Last year it went from $60 a month to $350 a month. Every time I dispute that we are not a flood zone. A few years back we had the Newcastle storm, they called that the 1 in 100 years storm, the water didn’t even pool at the end of the street. Now its the storm of a generation. Again the biggest puddle is my swimming pool overflowing. So again, next year the insurance will go up by multiples of stupidity.
The reason I write this is because from my from door to the end of the street there is a drop of about 2.5 metres, this then drops another 1.5 metres into the bush and a creek that flow into the railway line which is at least 10 metres lower than my house. Therefore for us to get flooded, the railway system from Sydney to Newcastle would have to flood.
I would be looking for a bearded bloke building and ark.
My next dispute is the water levy we have been paying for 5 or so years because of the drought.


You can see that I am bored working from home.


Sadly, the insurances premiums will go up.

I live in a designated “flood area” postcode 2330, and yet our home is about 15m higher than the flood plain of Singleton and Whittingham, which needs the river to be about 10m for that area to flood. So the Hunter River need to be 25m high before it affects us. If it got to that level, then nothing in Maitland will be safe.

But the insurance company wants an council engineer’s report to say that we are not at risk of being flooded. That report alone would cost a fortune, but the local council flood maps clearly show that we are not in a flood area, whom the council engineer’s would have prepared. But as always, the insurance company wants someone to sue just in case.

My wife was born on the dairy farm located on the Hunter river flat, and as only a toddler when the '55 flood when it happened, and where did they shelter from that flood event? On the hill where we live!

Our only concern for our home is the neighbour’s dam which now has broken its wall for the third time! However, if our home is damaged by this, we are covered as it will be covered by storm damage, as the dam is a private dam, and that it was built about 20 years after the house had been built.

This a still from a video where the water goes down passed the front of our house onto the road.

However, sadly, the main culprits to be blamed for flooding of these areas are the councils, which allows developments to built on floodplains, regardless whether they are commercial or residential. And if i was an insurer, I wouldn’t be covering those places for flood either.

So who cops the bill? Us, the taxpayer, whether it will be another flood levy as they had done for the Qld floods, higher premiums for everyone which sadly the people who rarely claim for these damages are the ones paying for someone incompetence (usually the council planner if not State Govt), or possibly the council, in order to repair the damage from the floods to the infrastructure because they allowed it to be built in the first place.


You’re spot on Riot_Squad.
The Councils in their lack of wisdom have allowed building on known flood areas for decades now. It’s crazy!
I can remember my Dad telling me when I was a kid how Windsor will never be developed because it’s a known flood plain but, look at it now and people who live there are surprised at what’s happened. I feel for those people but, why the hell do we have local government who allow stupidity to prosper?
Why have Engineers who we ignore?
Buggered if I can understand.

Look what just floated past my place!


A few other suburbs are on their way


Travelling by boat is going to be hazardous for a while.

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At least they won’t need to buy miles of downpipes from Bunnings

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