Facebook bans Australian media

While this issue clearly goes beyond sport, it will have a huge impact on sharing sports articles via Facebook. Facebook also seems to have taken a very broad view of what “news organisations” are, with things like the BOM, State health departments, emergency services, the ACTU and even satirical sites like The Chaser being banned (clearly Facebook can’t tell the difference between real news and satire).

Big Tech flexing its muscles. You won’t often see me cheering on our conservative government, but I hope they win this fight.


Well we saw companies taking peoples photos

Paying to use free tools like Youtube

Now social media are starting to remove shared content

We are seeing the next big paradigm shit on the internet

Wait till they close down DNS and VPNs


My early guess is that the government will fold in the end. Facebook will make a few nothing concessions, and the government will water down their proposed legislation, though I suspect that it will take a few weeks. Australia just isn’t that globally important in the greater scheme of things - Facebook can hang us out to dry and it won’t make much difference to them, but such is the reach of the tech giants these days, I’d guess that most Australians will choose Facebook over traditional media. In short, we probably need them more than they need us, and I think that’s how it will play out in the end.


Do we really “need” Facebook though?


Personally, I’d say no, and so agree with the premise of your question. However, my post was more suggesting that the average Aussie would probably choose Facebook over traditional news sources, which will probably mean that the government will need to fold on this issue.

Be interesting no doubt…I’m just somewhat annoyed at the power and possibly misuse of same that Big Tech has. Admire any pushbacks.


It’s the power and misuse of big tech vs the power and misuse of the big media.

The only reason the government is even getting involved is because the 2 big media players cried to the politicians whose parties they just happen to bankroll.

In my view the government should stay out of it. The companies can battle it out between themselves in a court.

The big media companies have been and still are at a complete loss as to how to operate in an online world. Instead of working out how to do that they want to get easy money.

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Everyone sucks here.

Facebook are not the good guys. But let’s not forget that Murdoch is the one behind the push for these laws, and he’s a bad guy too.

This is just a shitshow of a situation.


Yes, that’s kinda the size of it. Kinda reminds me of the Falklands War, when we had a failing militiary junta up against a then-unpopular Maggie Thatcher. Hard to know which side to barrack for. Like a Melbourne v Brisbane Grand Final.


I’m certainly on the side of big tech on this one .
Business is about survival of the fittest, and if old media can’t compete against big Tech , it’s there problem , and the government should keep out !

I’m all for small government, especially in Australia, where we have the dumbest politicians.

Reminds me of 2013, when it was Manly vs Roosters, after Manly knocked us out in the prelim.

I listened to about half of it on the radio then decided that literally anything was better than continuing.

Am I the only one who goes on Facebook to find out what my friends and family are up to?
If I want news, there is the radio, tv, this thing called a newspaper and the news websites, whats so hard about accessing any of these.


It’s not like News Ltd are printing the truth anyway but only what “they” want you to know. A classic saying …Don’t let truth get in the way of a good story.

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I’m glad to say that I’ve never had a Facebook account & never will (or twitter or instagram).
How do I ever live?


It’s so weird when people make it a point of pride that they don’t have social media.

I don’t have a home phone but you don’t hear me making a big deal of it.

But you do have a mobile phone though :wink:

I hope our government doesn’t back down. Facebook are obviously pushing because they see this as a test case the rest of the world will follow. I’m all for everyone paying their fair share of taxes. No more but certainly no less.


Points taken Jrabbit.

Sometimes I forget it’s a phone. Phone calls are such a nuisance. Just send a text ffs