Exclusive: Bunny boilover — how Wayne Bennett could run Souths from Brisbane

Exclusive: Bunny boilover — how Wayne Bennett could run Souths from Brisbane
NRL Premiership
James Hooper
September 10, 2020 1:33pm

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have offered supercoach Wayne Bennett a consultancy and ambassador role to remain at the Bunnies for 2022 and beyond.

The position would allow Bennett to return to Brisbane to live for family reasons but mean the seven-time premiership-winner remains heavily involved with South Sydney.

Despite moves being afoot for a possible return to the Broncos in a coaching director capacity, the Bunnies intend to roll out the red carpet to try and ensure Bennett retains a role at the Rabbitohs for as long as the supercoach sees fit.

The Bunnies want Bennett to mentor players, coaches, officials and staff and maintain a major presence inside the club’s inner sanctum and dressing rooms.

The Bunnies still firmly believe Bennett, 71, will remain at Redfern as the club’s head coach next season.

South Sydney have assembled one of the NRL’s best coaching teams with Bennett surrounded by quality assistants in Sam Burgess, Ben Hornby, John Sutton and head-coach-in-waiting Jason Demetriou.


Great idea, hope it comes to fruition


@Bunnyone all we need is to get GI back in the coaching/mentoring fold.


I don’t think it practicable someone doing these roles from hundreds of miles away.

Worth trying for me. Wayne will still have plenty to offer after he finishes coaching and I can’t see him retiring and doing nothing.


Worth a shot though. It’s only a one hour flight if he needs to be face to face. Killer idea.


From what I am aware in some capacity this has been the plan for some time now. Was not exactly sure how it would play out but the idea was to keep Wayne Bennett at the club on a more flexible basis after he finishes coaching full time for as long as he deems fit to continue being within Rugby League. This is just my opinion but I feel this run at Souths will be Wayne’s last full-time coaching gig then will move onto something similar to this role above or ultimately coach Queensland in the State of Origin again. I think if he can get that gig coaching Queensland again he would do that but if he does not get that stay at South Sydney and I believe this our plan to keep it that way which both parties are happy with.

Unless Origin moves to the end of the year like International Tests then he may be able to do both roles. Like Mal does Titan’s and the Australian team.

I feel if he pans out how we want it Wayne will move into a similar role as to what Mal Meninga is for The Titans. Which will be great for us.


Not only Wayne it seems. Issac Luke is reported today to sign for another year with Brisbane. A quote from the report: “All the years I was at Souths, I loved Souths. They were my home but I have always called Brisbane my real home.”

Zoom sponsors Souths.

Why can’t Wayne just use Zoom from QLD.


lol seemed like it worked when he was in ISO for 2 weeks so why not. The longer we have Wayne Bennett affiliated with our club ahead of others the better. I’d prefer to have him promoting our club to current, future and potential stars then others.

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While I haven’t been sold on Bennett as a tactical coach in the modern game, I like the sound of this. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given a bit of insight into how Wayne operates within the club and what he’s done for the culture and belief around the place is really impressive. I can’t see his involvement in a consultation capacity as being anything but positive.


Hopefully, they keep him on purely for his press conferences.

They will be incredibly missed lol

It’s a win/win in my opinion for both the club and WB.

WB gets a contract which lets him move back to Brisbane and be with a club his passionate about and helping to build on a long term and flexible deal and Souths get to keep the good old Wayne Bennett rub on it’s club, culture and it’s players.


this will also stop him trashing the joint by stealing the good value players on the way out

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Great move by the club. He gives us strength, stability and respect. He can sprinkle his magic dust on Souths where he is acknowledged and appreciated. He brings so much. The boys just love him as do the sponsors. Hope he takes it.

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If he is there for game days, occasional training sessions and phone calls and zoom otherwise, why not?

Its basically what he does now minus the day to day operations

I’d say him being available to support JD in terms of man management would be a huge asset. I guess the point of concern would be making sure JD is comfortable with it and not feeling like he’s being supervised or undermined.

Getting very sophisticated these days aren’t we.Breakfast with the hierarchy and upper end of town,new vogue mentoring roles for Super coaches.
What happened to the good old days of raffles at the leagues club and a good slapdash Chinese meal.
What’s next Sam and Sutto staring with Rusty in Beyond Redfern!


Wayne could also look at developing and scouting junior pathways. A lot of talent across Qld that could be sent down to join our system
End of the day he doesn’t have to be their every day that’s the coach’s role …,it’s the work behind the scenes and one on one that he is strong at (man management/player welfare)you can do that over phone/zoom
Be good if he was their game days in the sheds though


“In Wayne we trust”

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