Erin Molan and Anthony Seibold on 60 Minutes

Erin Molan and Anthony Seibold will appear on a 60 Minutes special investigation into cyber bullying.
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Gee this bloke loves getting his head in the spotlight.

You’d reckon if he was so worried about being the target of bullies and media speculation he’d take his millions of dollars and go lay low for a few months.



I don’t see it that way. Regardless of the way he left Souths, this guy and his family have been put through hell this year by nameless, faceless trolls and no one deserves that. The impacts of this bullying can be devastating, even deadly, and the easy thing for him would be to simply take the money and disappear. Good on him and Erin for speaking up - it’s likely to help others more than themselves


I don’t think you can just say “regardless of the way he left Souths”…

When you stab people in the back, undermine people and bitch behind their backs you make enemies in this world real fast.

It’s the way the world is, was and always will be.


I strongly believe in Karma and I think that Karma is being paid out for what went down between Seibold and Bennett in 2018.
Anthony was dealt his Karma by having a horrendous 18 months at the Broncos and ultimately being sacked. Wayne is being dealt his Karma by having 2 good years at Souths which will result in a Premiership in 3 weeks time.


100% with you there and those who keep denigrating Seibold and think he deserved what he got need to have a good look at their own moral compass. Just because a guy was a dick with the way he left us doesn’t mean you can be one in return. And as far as Karma goes it was his lack of results that was karma not what happened to him in social media.

When I read through posts on the forum sometime I really wonder about the moral fibre of some of the contributors. The things that are said at times about players, media, refs and other contributors leaves me shaking my head. Hence why I contribute less and less.


It’s really time to move on here.


I love everyone on here is blowing up about the things going around about Sammy but when it’s someone who has done wrong by the club people want to give it to him haha you got to love the double standard


Despite what he may have done I hope he and the lady find out the trolls and sue them so much they will have to live in a cardboard box.

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Maybe he’s putting himself in the spotlight as a public service, he’s a teacher by profession, perhaps it’s just the right thing to do

Of course some people will just be dismissive out of ignorance & unfound spite

I don’t really want to go over all this again, but the narrative some of you create is just astounding & then to actually believe it? It’s crazy

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Really, a bit hypocritical if you ask me, coming from someone who said he hopes that Donald Trump would die.

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What? Do you know what hypocritical means?

What have I done? Huh? Huh? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Molan and Siebold in conversation?


Ah yes, Anthony Slybold, the hero we all need.


Maybe that’s what he’s got the potential to be whilst you remain negative & sadly cynical

Duplicate post.
Full Article here

Cyber bullying is an enormous issue in society. So many people lost to suicide and suffering severe mental health issues as a result of it. I applaud him and Erin for speaking out, especialy because it will probably result in more keyboard warriors attacking them because they did have the courage to speak out.


A heavy troll
By Danny Weidler
October 11, 2020

Plenty of sports fans will tune in for Tom Steinfort’s 60 Minutes story on Sunday about online trolls because two prominent names in rugby league will bare their souls.

The program has conducted extensive interviews with Anthony Seibold and Erin Molan about the horrendous attacks they have had to endure by faceless cowards. Molan has called for the trolls to be jailed. All eyes will be on who was behind the vicious rumours about Seibold and, after months of speculation, the show has promised to reveal intriguing new information.

I’m told the person of interest has links to league. I have also been told that the place of work of this person, who is close to the epicentre of the Seibold rumours, will be made public. The person does work in an official capacity in the sport of rugby league.

Seibold flopped as a coach at Brisbane, but he deserves significant praise for his efforts in this area.

“I went through some pretty dark times a few weeks back, because of the amount of hate and defamatory comments that was spread,” he tells 60 Minutes. "And people were happy to spread it. It was crazy, really. And that’s not the Australia that I grew up in.

“If from a really negative situation there is some legislation change and there is some further accountability around using identification on social media accounts, then I think that’s a fantastic legacy to leave.”

Molan is just as strong in her views on the issue.

“This is not about celebrities,” she said. “This is not about politicians. This is about every single Australian, because this impacts every single Australian. The time to ignore trolls is over … I want these people locked up. You prosecute five of these people … and the majority of the rest will stop.”