Dylan Walker Assault Charges

Dylen Walker in hot water after being charged by police for 2 counts on assault last Sunday night,

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Oh dear not good. The kid really lost the plot after winning the GF. Not sure what went on with him but should have never left his home club


big head syndrome


He was chewed up and well and truly spat out.

I’m glad he left now. We don’t need anymore bad publicity. He got away with it last time. This time may be different.

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What a waist of good talent.


Yeah but wonder if we had managed him better after GF if things may have been different… he should have been long term player at the club really

He clearly has anger issues.

Dylan had plenty of things we swept under the rug when he was with us. His talent is obvious but talent isnt the only factor when deciding on keeping or letting a player go.


Glad he did. I don’t think this stuff is happening because he’s with Manly, or because he’s not with Souths.

At least we don’t have to deal with the fallout from it now.


The link has some security footage

The report said he’d made an ass of himself at a few takeaway places, then tried to get into the car of a woman that he didn’t know outside a pizzeria, then allegedly attacked the two guys who tried to help her.



He’s a loose cannon.

There is some pretty heavy stuff going on with his transgender sister too.

The whole situation seems pretty f##ked up.

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Didn’t she murder someone

Manslaughter of “her boyfriend”.

Got bail.

Haven’t heard much on it lately.

I think there is a whole lot of background noise in Walkers life.

I wouldn’t go near him as a playing proposition.

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Got a mate who’s a cop. He told me while Walker was still with us that he was a real bad seed. Apparently a few dramas with him even back then. Seems it was a blessing him leaving us.

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More than a few mate. His mates are bigger idiots though.


Makes me happy that Scott clocked him

I feel sorry for his mum, who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago…


Daddy? Is that you?

We did all we could to manage him well.
He was promised by Manly to play 5/8 and promised a Blues jersey.