D-Day for Reyno and Souths

According to reports, Ellison and Reynolds (with agent) will meet today to discuss his future with the club. I’m unaware if Solly I’d to be there as well, but I’d not be surprised; he’s a good operator and could be the grounding all parties need.

Whilst not expecting a decision, I do hope parties come away clear on their positions and why, that things are not drawn out and Adam plays his best football this year.

I’m all for him staying and as club captain he should have the clubs respect by staying; South’s should not however back itself into a corner.


Ello and Chimes are mates all will be sorted

I feel as though it will disrupt our season severely if this issue is not resolved ( end of section ) shortly.

I’m over it.

Stay or leave but sort this shit out ASAP.


WTF is Chimes?


The media speculation is getting ridiculous.
Weirdler implying the club employing dirty tactics.
They need to wrap it up regardless of way it goes.


Steve ‘Chimes’ Gillis


Steve Gillis has been involved in rugby league at the highest level for over 35 years.

After completing school at Marcellin College Randwick, Steve joined News Limited where he completed a four year journalism cadetship and mastered in sports reporting.

During Steve’s 13 years with Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror newspapers, Steve got to know pretty much everyone involved with the game – coaches, players, chief executives…… the lot. He built firm friendships with many of the game’s leading stars – some of whom have since endorsed Steve as the manager of their own children.

In fact, Steve today represents Curtis Sironen (son of Paul), Jarrod Mullen (son of Steve), Daniel Mortimer (son of Peter) and Liam Coleman (son of Craig) among others. Brett Finch (son of Robert) is also a GS Sports Client.

Fair to say, that many of the game’s former top flight stars consider Steve the perfect mentor for their sons which is an endorsement of the highest order.

In recent times Steve has also taken a keen interest in managing rugby union players and has built up a talented stable of Super 15s and International representatives. He works closely with all five Australian franchises and has a strong relationship with ARU and RUPA officials.

He has also a great array of contracts around the world.

Steve has also worked with Rugby League Week Magazine and Radio Stations 2UE and 2GB where he was a member of the Continuous Call team for many years.

He has strong contacts with the media – both print and electronic – which is a massive bonus for all his clients as he has the ability to promote and protect them throughout their journey.

Steve kicked off his own business – Steve Gillis Sports Management Pty Ltd – in 1994 and has not looked back.

In 2011 he linked with one of his former clients and close friend Clinton Schifcofske – and launched Gillis Schifcofske Sports Management which is a boutique agency focused on giving sports stars professional advice with a personal touch.

It was during this time that he built the platform for a successful transition into sports management.


Pretty serious accusation by Gillis. But of course there’ll be no recourse if he’s wrong. Typical scummy manager tactics.


It hurts the ego being on the outer


Reynolds and Mansour.

ONE player who knows what it feels like to be squeezed out of the club they love is Adam Reynolds’ South Sydney teammate Josh Mansour.

D-Day has arrived in the contract stand-off between Reynolds and the Rabbitohs. A decision on the halfback’s future is expected today.

With salary cap pressures for 2023 and rising playmakers coming through the ranks, the Rabbitohs are only willing to offer Reynolds a one-year extension.

It means Reynolds, who has played 209 games for the Rabbitohs and won a premiership in 2014, could be in different colours next season.

It’s a situation not too dissimilar to what Mansour went through last October at the Panthers.

Only days after Penrith’s grand final loss, coach Ivan Cleary told Mansour that boom winger Charlie Staines would be the preferred option on the edge, which left the veteran searching for a new home after nine years at the club.

“I [sympathise with Adam], he’s been loyal at the club,” Mansour said. “You hope to see it work out. I’m not the only one, I’m sure opposition fans want to see Adam stay at this club. It’s unnerving and it hurts the ego a little bit.

“It would be hard for Adam. He is cult hero here, he grew up in Redfern, which why there is so much attention around it.”

Mansour and Cleary have cleared the air since that fateful conversation and the winger believes, like in his case, there will be a silver lining for Reynolds and now off-contract centre Dane Gagai, who is also preparing to test the market.

“We had a brief chat afterwards,’’ Mansour said. “There was a bit of miscommunication. We have stayed friends, I have no bad feelings towards the club or ill-feelings towards anyone.

“I’m happy to see the boys doing well and I‘m extremely happy here. There is always a silver lining.”

Rising halves Lachlan Ilias and Blake Taaffe, who guided the Rabbitohs to victory in the 2019 Jersey Flegg grand final, are considered long-term playmaking prospects at the club.

“They came through the ranks and won the comp in the under-20s,’’ Mansour said.

“They play really well together, they train really hard. We have little awards in the gym. They are always winning, especially Lachie. He is very strong for a halfback.

“But it’s their work ethic that has really shone through for me early on. They are willing to do anything.

“When we have seen them play they have always done well. It’s just a matter of time before they get their shot. “

It’s expected that veteran playmaker Benji Marshall will partner Reynolds in the halves in the absence of Cody Walker, who has accepted a onegame ban.

Jacob Host is expected to be recalled to replace Keaon Koloamatangi, who has also been suspended.


Nickname from school - he used to ‘chime in’ playing footy I think. Source, he was mates and went to school with my older brother.

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Weidler is a total fuckwit. He is always asking the questions when interviewing players on “Player Media”…why, and who gives him the power of control to do so? He is always fishing for a story by asking players questions in the hope they slip up. He should be teeing up an interview with Solly if he wants to find out “how the Reynolds contract negotiatons is effecting the club and players”, and good luck with that. This un-flushable turd really does my head in.


Solly would not do that interview, and you know why?

He is keeping the negotiations between himself and the player in question.

The same can’t be said for the other side of the negotiations.

Reynolds and his manager are fuelling this media fire and have from the get go. Direct your anger their way.



I’m not having a shot at Solly. I’m basically saying the TURD would have fuck all chances of getting anywhere near Solly that’s why he tries to fish answers from players. One player I noticed who gives him what he wants is Mansour. I say to Mansour give this fuckwit nothing.
As far as Reynolds ( and his manager goes,) I’ve already stated i’ve lost respect for him for doing just what he did and it wouldn’t worry me one bit if he did leave.

I’d also like to add that Blake Solly is the best thing that has happened to Souths. Total respect for the man.


They should rename this thread the merry go round thread as this and the other 2 dedicated to Adam are just going round in circles.

As much as i have admired Adams contribution I support the Club in whatever they decide and just want a resolution.

Maybe if he does not get the contract he will take the Sam approach and bust his gut this year to gain 22


In the beginning I was fully supportive of Adams stance insisting that he deserved a longer term contract but as things have evolved and being aware of the clubs position re salary cap and balancing the roster going forward I now support the argument that if Adam wants to stay at Souths then he should back himself and take the one season extension. I fully appreciate that Adam has longer term security as his major concern. If there can’t be an agreement then each has to do what they consider in their best interests. It’s just a fact of life that sometimes things don’t work out in a negotiation and in that case each party has to agree to disagree.
There doesn’t have to be recriminations or finding fault by people outside of the situation. If Adam decides to turn down the offer to extend then I wish him all the best and thank him for his service.


I said from the beginning that this tactic of playing it out in the media would backfire on Adam and I think it will.
He has not approached these negotiations with the professionalism required as Captain of the Club and as a die hard, bleed red and green Souths jnr.


He’s been looked after well by Souths,he has a home he has been supported through injuries,he has he’s 4 gorgeous kids and wife,been made captain of the Mighty Rabbitohs and still has plenty of coin to cover his body in tatts.
I’m at a loss as to why he listens to a manager that has had fucking nothing to do with paying his bills.
Honestly Adam what do you think this club owes you.


He still has a mortgage Chuck.

I’m not sure if that is on his 5th or 6th house though.


It would want to be! If not he has fucked up big time!