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Yes yes, controversial topic.

But - congratulations to Victoria for their collective effort in getting the Coronavirus under control and recording 28 days with no new cases.

NSW is not far behind.

Living in Queensland, I now have the option to go down to Sydney for Christmas. My brother from Melbourne is able to come up. Our daughters - born 6 weeks apart - can finally meet.

I am incredibly proud of how this country has handled the disease. Mistakes have been made along the way but the harsh methods implemented have worked.


Try living in London we are still in lockdown, the whole country is a mess and they have run out of ideas.

I can’t wait for the Australian boarders to reopen so I can get back to see my ageing parents, so glad i was there in February.


There was no handbook for the state premiers to follow and I agree with Saithis’s summary.

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Lockdowns a massive over reaction for us. Stockholm syndrome lives. Cure worse than the disease etc. Etc.

I wont be patting our leaders on the back.


Hope you get back soon bro


NRL clubs face huge challenges next year with anti-vaccination players. The Queensland government issued exemptions this year but airlines will be a different story once a COVID vaccine is available. All airlines are expected to enforce a “no-COVID vaccination, no fly” rule for international travel, which means there will be an obvious problem with NZ Warriors home games in Auckland.

I disagree as I am at the vulnerable age if I contracted Covid 19 hence my support for the lockdowns.


And your justification for this is? Evidence, not opinion

Protect the vulnerable, close the borders, isolate any known cases but mostly…dont apply the same blanket rules to all!!

If we kept all cars in the garage watch the road toll plummet! Get the picture?

The lockdowns and social distancing enforcements are ludicrous and I think time passing will see that. Its pollies and bureaucrats on a power grab trip.

People are sheeple…I keep getting back to "cure worse than the disease ". Sums it up.


I’m so afraid of an invisible virus that only seems to exist because of the media’s insistence.


I believe it has been done the correct way but I say no one will ever really know and we can all have an opinion but I think you will be disappointed on the response to your views.

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I’m currently stuck in New York and would not wish this hell on anyone. Flying home on Monday thank god.

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I think that we’ve seen that it works.

The virus has not slowed down in the US or the U.K. Compare that with Melbourne - they shut down hard and fast and are now looking at being Covid-free.

People getting sick and dying has more of a devastating impact on the healthcare system and the economy than the lockdowns.

We have done it with less than 1,000 deaths across our entire country. 22,000 cases because we locked down, had mask mandates, and closed borders.

I don’t see how you can think this is anything but a good thing.

By the way, the cars analogy is terrible. We have speed limits, seat belts, drink driving laws. Same with backyard pools - we have laws around fences. Each situation requires different solutions.

Also, the benefits of cars are numerous, making it something we don’t want to eliminate. What are the benefits of the coronavirus?


We’ve had our disagreements but I sincerely hope you get back and through quarantine without any effects.

One of my friends in the US has tested positive and it’s truly terrifying. They’re in far better condition than I am and are struggling.


We live just south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders and I have to agree the whole country is a mess. We moved here 9 years ago to help look after my mother in law who was ill. I managed to get a good job which kept us in the country after she passed away but after working there for 7 1/2 years I was recently made redundant. We are now organising ourselves to move back to Australia and I am thinking we will head home next May. To be honest I can’t wait and would go tomorrow if I could.


You miss the point of the cars analogy. Its not about saying the virus is a good thing.

Its about saying closing down work and livelihoods is bad and unnecessary.


But people dying for the sake of a few shops opening is good?

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I’m the same, we moved here 10 years ago to look after my sick father in law. I am not sure if we will move back home as have a very good life here.
It has never really effected me that much live in the UK as always go home a couple of times a year to see the family and watch south play live.
Not being allowed to go home is really tough.
Bring on the new season I say

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None of that prevents deaths but it may cause them…suicides, depression, loss of hope and social fabric and family disconnection.

But our pollies love your support, its why they do this.

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In late July, Melbourne was getting 600-700 new cases per day, roughly the same numbers as London and Paris at that time (and so proportionately more). But Melbourne locked down, and cases declined, to the point where there have been no cases at all for a month. By contrast, London and Paris (and elsewhere) went the “let’s keep the economy open” route, and they are now getting daily new case numbers in the tens of thousands. They have therefore had to lock down anyway, and they also have the pandemic raging completely out of control - to bring it back to where we are now they’d probably need to lock down for six months or more.

There seems little doubt, then, that lockdowns work, and that not much else appears to have been especially effective. You are right, of course, to note that lockdowns bring their own costs, but until an effective vaccine can be rolled out (thankfully sooner than we feared, though still not likely until the second half of next year), there aren’t really any other options.